The Anne Boleyn Files 2012 Advent Calendar is Here!

Free 2012 Tudor Advent CalendarThe Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar was a big hit last year so we decided to do a 2012 version. I’m so sorry that I can’t fill it with chocolates for you, but I hope that you’ll find Tudor trivia and goodies just as satisfying, and, of course, they’re calorie-free!

To open today’s calendar window, simply click on the picture and you’ll be taken to the calendar page. Today’s date will be highlighted and you’ll be able to open it. You can’t cheat and jump ahead I’m afraid!

I have added the advent calendar to our right hand side menu bar and you’ll be able to click on that on a daily basis to open windows – enjoy!

Happy Advent!

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14 thoughts on “The Anne Boleyn Files 2012 Advent Calendar is Here!”
  1. Glad it’s not filled with choc’s Claire, I scoff enough naughty but nice things over the festive season as it is 🙂 I looked forward to it everyday last year, and will do this year too. Peeped in through 1st door already, An Adult Avent Calender, great stuff!!

  2. Claire,
    Thanks so much for the Advent Calendar!! Reminds me of 3 years of childhood in Germany (years ago), and all the Christmases when my son was young – a new calendar every Advent! Looking forward to having fun every day. Merry (I mean Happy) Christmas!

  3. Thank you! What a good idea, and it’s nice to have an Advent calendar of my own to look forward to (not that my children’s calendar isn’t nice, but I don’t get to open any doors on that one).

  4. Love the advent calenders Claire – last years was great and this one looks like super fun too! Thank you for putting them together. A Tudor-y treat every day in the lead up to Christmas – perfect!!!!!!

  5. On day 2, Claire is so right home made mince-meat is so much better, not over sweet either. But can I pass on a real good tip when making it, that I got from Delia Smith Xmas cookery book, without sounding like a ‘clever clogs’. And that is before putting it in jars, lay it in a large roasting/baking tray, cover it loosely with foil, and put it in the oven at the lowest heat for a couple of hours. This melts all the beef/veg suet, (looks like its swimming in fat, but don’t worry, thats normal). Then let it go cold, stirring every now and then to coat the fruit. This seals all the juices in, especially the apples which can start to ferment, especially if your storage cupboards dont stop at a cool temperature, ( which is difficult in a normal kitchen conditions) and ruins your efforts. When cold pop it into the jars, and the shelf life is a lot, lot longer. It really works, from my experience anyway.

  6. Claire,
    Love the Advent Calendar. Thanks for giving it to us.
    We did not have an Advent Calendar when I was growing up. Advent for us was a time for fasting and prayer. We had an advent wreath every year, but I don’t really know the custom behind the calendar. Can someone explain it to me please?

    1. Sharon,
      Like many people, I’ve had these calendars during Advent for many years, and was told a long time ago that they are a ‘countdown’ to Christmas, and opening one door each day is just a little added fun in anticipation of Christmas Day.

      1. Yes, I think they’re just another way of counting down to Christmas, like the Advent wreath or Advent Clock. According to Wikipedia (perhaps take with a pinch of salt!), “The first known Advent calendar was handmade in 1851. According to the Lower Austrian (NÖ) Landesmuseum, the first printed Advent calendar was produced in Hamburg in 1902 or 1903. Other authorities state that a Swabian parishioner, Gerhard Lang, was responsible for the first printed calendar, in 1908.”

        1. Me and my sisters had ‘AN’ advent calendar, they didn’t have chocs in them then, and every year the doors were closed and put away from next year with the decs. I think it must have been because they were quite expensive then, and we didn’t live in the ‘throw away society’ we do now. From what I remember, they always had a religious theme, never a Santa one or the latest toy/disney look. But they were always had plenty of glitter on, to start with anyway….but then again that was back in the ‘goode olde days’, think Victoria was on the throne then….:)

  7. Hi Claire,
    I read AB Files regularly and have learned so much from you! The Advent calendar is great; something special each day in the crazy run-up to Christmas. Thank you and have a happy Christmas season.

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