A big thank you to Diane for telling me about Charles Maclaurin’s 1925 book “Post Mortems of Mere Mortals: Essays, Historical, and Medical” and his chapter on Anne Boleyn, “The Case of Anne Boleyn”. I think it amused me and horrified me in equal measure.

In this video, I share excerpts from Maclaurin’s book about Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Maclaurin’s rather strange and unpalatable view regarding why he believes Anne Boleyn did commit adultery and why she belonged in a mental hospital…

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One thought on “The 1925 View of Anne Boleyn was Rather Strange”
  1. What a bizarre analysis of Anne Boleyn and her fall, so she was a nymphomaniac and the reason for that was because she was mentally unstable? How come she managed to maintain seven years of celibacy throughout the wait for the divorce then? And the king had syphilis that was an old rumour fostered by the theory of Victorian doctors to explain his wives sad childbearing history, that rumour has been debunked but for many years it was considered Henry V111 could have had and died from the disease, his references to Joan of Arc to I find very amusing, I feel this would be historian was nothing more than a beer swilling colonial masquerading as a doctor, in the outback of course!

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