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Apologies that this post is nothing to do with Anne Boleyn but today Tim and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Tim in public for everything that he does to support The Anne Boleyn Files.

Poor Tim didn’t know what he was letting himself in for when I woke him up in the middle of the night in early 2009 asking him to design a website for me. I told him all about the dream I’d just had about Anne Boleyn and that I needed to set up a site called “The Anne Boleyn Files” and he just nodded and turned back over. Well, he didn’t let me down. Even though he was super busy with his web design business he created The Anne Boleyn Files website for me and put up with me changing my mind about things and adjusting the design until I was 100% happy. Thanks, Tim!

In summer 2009 I was so busy with my research for The Anne Boleyn Files and handling emails and orders that I just knew that I had to go full-time on running the site. This was a huge decision when I also had a freelance writing business, a business that helped support our family, but Tim fully supported me in following my passion and what seemed to be my calling. I cannot express my thanks to him in words and also my thanks to all of you who have made this all possible. Tim and our three children, Christian, Verity and Joel, have put up with me talking about Anne Boleyn and Tudor history at meal times, ignoring them when I have sudden inspiration for an article, being dragged around historical building and churches when we’re on a family holiday, and they’ve put up with Anne Boleyn being part of their lives on a daily basis. I have a wonderful family.

Tim didn’t even bat an eyelid when I made him Sir Timothy and sent him back in time to report on the events of 1536 this April and May, what a guy! He has also helped me with the planning for the three tours that we’ve done, and attended all three of them, and as I write this is helping with the planning for next year’s tours and is working to speed up the website! He’s a busy man!

So, apologies again for this inappropriate post but Tim is a big part of this site. Thank you, Tim, for your support and for 16 wonderful years so far, here’s to many more!

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28 thoughts on “Thank you Tim!”
  1. Congrats on 16 years and a lot of luck and happiness for the next 16th . I love this website and I have a huge respect for your work here. Thank you and enjoy your day

  2. What a terrific guy, Claire! Happy anniversary and many more. Also many thanks to you both for this website. I love

  3. Congratulation and much love to both of you. xx

    (By the way, Tim. Did you know that nowadays you only get about ten years for murder. He he!)

  4. Happy anniversary Tim and Claire! You and Tim are great couple, and you deserve all of the happiness in the world! I’m sure that others who have been on your tours join me in congratulating you both for the wonderful tours that you have conducted. Here’s to another 16 years and just as many Tudor tours!

  5. Congratulations on 16 wonderful years! You have a lovely family. I want to thank Tim, too, for making the anneboleynfiles possible and such a great site! You make a lovely team! Here’s to the next 16 years! And to my joining you on a tour one of these days..:)

  6. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary Claire and Tim :-). This is a fabulous website – very colourful as well as very informative – so many congratulations on that too. I hope this doesn’t sound patronising (I really don’t mean to be) but it’s absolutely heart-warming to read of such thanks from you Claire to your husband … really made my day.

  7. That is so sweet that you acknowledge your other half in all your endeavors. More interesting than just hanging out at the mall.

  8. You got yourself a keeper, Claire! Happy Anniversary Claire and Tim, I agree with his reply, here’s to the next sixteen years as well!

  9. Many congratulations to you both. We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this year too (April 29th – a popular date it seems!)

    well done to both of you on this site. You’ve done a fantastic job.

    SarahD xxx

  10. congratulations!!!!!!!!to both you and tim…..
    i am so happy for you. i celebrated my 17th birthday last week..:):):)
    you are doing a great job. wishing you hapiness for eternity……

  11. Having spent a week with you guys in May, I have to say, you two are so cute together! Many congrats to you both! =)

  12. Congratulations to you both! Happy Anniversary and, to echo other statements, I wish you both love and joy for the next 16 years and the 16 after that, etc.

  13. Belated congratuations to both of you and well done on what is a wonderful, imformative, beautifully constucted site. I hope your next 16 years are as blessed. 🙂

  14. Claire,

    Just wanted to say congrats on your 16 wedding anniversary and to say what a great team you and Tim are! Not only on the wonderful web site that you both work so hard on, but as a couple. In this day and age it’s so nice to see a couple that is so perfecly matched and supportive of each other! Continued happines and success to you both.


  15. 16 years!! Two wonderful people and a beautiful family…..Did all go so fast…maybe the next 16 will go a wee bit slower…..Linda and I, well it has been 44 years….both of you are quite special, fun people….there is absolutely no reason you will not see the 44 year mark plus many more….enjoy the day…

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