Teasel says ruff merchandise

Queen Teasel would like you to know that due to popular demand (thank you to all those who asked for it!), she has allowed her image to be put on some merchandise for the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society YouTube Channel as she has so many fans for her Teasel’s Tudor Trivia videos. She wasn’t sure about it, but after due consideration she has agreed on an appropriate image and tagline.

So, here you go, Teasel’s Tudor Trivia merch with the tagline “Teasel says ruff!”. The products can be purchased from Teespring on our channel store at https://teespring.com/stores/tudor-society and you can also see several products on the merch shelf underneath each video on YouTube. They ship internationally.

Teasel thinks she’s much cuter in real life but that the artist has done a pretty good job.

Teasel update: We’ve now had Teasel for nearly 8 months and she’s definitely part of the family. She’s about 18 months old. For those of you who wonder why she wears a nappy/diaper, she was born without part of her spinal cord, with missing vertebrae, and with one hip fused to the pelvis. She has no control over her bladder or bowels. She’s not, however, paralysed, she can walk and run (she skips along, lifting her back end), and jump on sofas and beds, it just takes her a bit more effort. She’s a very happy dog and loves her new home.

Here she is with Oreo the cat. It’s too hot for chasing him!

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5 thoughts on “Teasel says ruff merchandise”
  1. King Chico sends greetings and regards to Queen Teasel. He thinks she is almost as cute as him! His has a very large ego, similar to Henry VIII. He is also admiring her strategy of appearing to be friends with the cat. This will come in handy during battle once the weather cools. He has an Oreo who lives next door.

  2. Very beautiful merchandise. Looking forward to ordering something soon. Thanks Teasel for being on these wonderful items.

  3. First off I have to say Teasel is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. Love the merch, should be huge sellers. Love the pic of her sleeping next to one of the kitties. Nice to see considering how much she loves chasing them

  4. I noticed in one video she seemed to be dragging her bottom, bless her she’s such a beautiful dog and you are wonderful in giving her a home Claire, not many disabled animals are wanted probably because of the expense and care in looking after them, and many people only want perfect pets, but I think pets who are injured or have a disability should be given the chance to have a loving home and Teasel is certainly a beautiful dog, also Oreo she is a beautiful cat and I know you have many others, well done in taking Teasel in, I always say a house isn’t a home without any pets,

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