The Fall of Anne Boleyn: Day -16

| May 3, 2020

On this day in 1536, 3rd May, Queen Anne Boleyn had just 16 days to live and she was now imprisoned in the Tower of London, albeit in the lavish Queen’s apartments. Her good friend, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, had heard news of Anne Boleyn’s arrest, and wrote to King Henry VIII regarding what […]

3 May 1536 – Archbishop Cranmer hears news of Anne Boleyn’s arrest

| May 3, 2018

On 3rd May 1536, news of Queen Anne Boleyn’s arrest at Greenwich palace reached the ears of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury. The archbishop was incredibly shocked that his good friend and patron had been arrested and he immediately wrote to the king. I don’t envy Cranmer writing this letter. On the one hand, he […]