The Fall of Anne Boleyn: Day -21

| April 28, 2020

On this day in 1536, 28th April, Queen Anne Boleyn had just 21 days to live and something was definitely going on at King Henry VIII’s court. There were long council meetings, experts were being consulted, and the Lady Mary, Henry VIII’s eldest daughter, was being given hope for the future. What was happening? Find […]

28 April 1536 – Meetings and hope for the Princess – The Fall of Anne Boleyn

| April 28, 2019

Something was definitely going on at the court of Henry VIII by 28th April 1536! Long council meetings, experts consulted, the Lady Mary being given hope for the future… Anne Boleyn was definitely in danger. What do the primary sources tell us about what was going on? In today’s video, I share what the sources […]

28 April 1536 – Meetings and more

| April 28, 2016

On 28th April 1536, it was reported that the king’s council was meeting every day and that Thomas Cromwell had been meeting with Dr Richard Sampson, a royal chaplain, Dean of Lichfield and an expert on canon law, for the past four days “continually”. Just what was going on at Henry VIII’s court? Read more…