Signed Robin Maxwell Books Up for Grabs

As part of our Mary Rose 500 Appeal fundraising efforts, author Robin Maxwell has offered a set of two signed paperback copies of her famous Anne Boleyn books: The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and Mademoiselle Boleyn.

Thank you for your bids on last week’s signed book, Jeane Westin’s “His Last Letter”, which raised $90 for the Mary Rose Appeal and congratulations and thanks to Tracy, the winning bidder.

The copies of The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and Mademoiselle Boleyn that you are bidding on are both brand new paperbacks, with the covers as shown, and will be signed by Robin Maxwell and sent directly from her. Your bid will be for the set of 2 books.

Between now and midnight (PST) on Sunday 15th August, you can bid by leaving a comment below, giving your bid for this set of books in $US. If you’d prefer your bid to be anonymous to the public you can email me your bid at and I’ll add it as an anonymous comment on your behalf. Bidding starts at $20 and every cent goes to the Mary Rose Appeal.

We welcome bidders from all over the world.

I will announce the winning bidder on Monday 16th August here on the site.

What Amazon has to say about these two wonderful novels:-

The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

It is 1560, and the newly crowned Elizabeth I is about to become romantically involved with Robert Dudley when an old woman appears bearing a diary written in the hand of the young queen’s mother, Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth has grown up knowing nothing of her notorious mother but what official history put forth: that she was an adulterer and traitor and deserved to die. Now, reading her mother’s diary, she learns the truth. She learns of the unstable King Henry VIII, the pious Queen Catherine, scheming Cardinal Wolsey, high-minded Thomas More and much, much more…

Mademoiselle Boleyn

When her father is assigned the task of spying on the French Court, the charming and sweetly innocent Anne Boleyn is delighted by the thought of a new adventure. And she is not to be disappointed, for her beautiful sister, Mary, has been handed a mission: to let herself be seduced by the King of France in order to uncover his secrets.

Mesmerized by the thrilling passion, intrigue, and betrayal that unfolds, Anne discovers the power of being a woman who catches the eye of a powerful king. And, as she grows into a beautiful young woman, she undergoes her own sexual awakening, each daring exploit taking her one step closer to the life that is her destiny.

Thank you so much for supporting The Mary Rose 500 Appeal. You can find out more about this appeal at our Mary Rose 500 Appeal page.

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