A Sampling of Tudor-y Stuff – Guest Post by Barb Alexander, The Tudor Tutor

Dec6,2013 #Tudor places
Barb Alexander, The Tudor Tutor
Barb Alexander, The Tudor Tutor

Hello, everyone! Thanks a bunch to Claire at The Anne Boleyn Files for allowing me this cozy guest spot. I know that, usually, guest posts are primarily to promote the author/book being featured. I’d like to spin one this in a slightly different direction:

Because Christmas is on its way, I’m in a sharing mood! Along with the history-with-a-wink thing (okay, let’s be honest: more often it’s the history-with-snark thing), I can’t get away from the teacher in me and wish to point you toward some resources that will gladden your history-loving soul. To benefit YOU, the reader, I’ll wrap all these yummy goodies up in a virtual, velvet-y bow:

Looking for some places in the UK to visit for Tudor-y stuff? A sampling…

  • The British Museum: Head to Room 46 for a large case full of 16th-century England items, such as the Tudors’ coins, tankards, rings, all that good stuff.
  • The Tower of London: Oozing with Tudor history, including the execution grounds of Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, and Lady Jane Grey, not to mention Sir Walter Raleigh’s cell and the final stomping grounds of the little princes, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York. Cross the A100, just outside the Tower, and pop up to Tower Hill to see the terribly nondescript memorial to those executed on the spot. I nearly tripped over it before realising what it was, if that gives you any indication!
  • Westminster Abbey: A chocolate box of magnificent Tudor tombs, including Henry VII, Elizabeth I, and Mary I.
  • Hampton Court Palace: My personal favourite Tudor locale, this is where Henry VIII and his wives lived at one time. And if you’re Stuart-curious, you’ll love that the history of this residence stretches into the 18th century.
  • The Palace of Holyrood House: This gorgeous Edinburgh royal spot goes all creepy when you stand in the upstairs hallway where Mary Queen of Scots’ secretary, David Rizzio, was murdered before her very eyes.

Are you closer to Washington D.C. than to London (or will you be visiting the area soon)? I have a video for that, my Tudor Tour of Washington D.C. – click here.

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Cheers to all! –Barb

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  1. I also was intrigued when visiting the Tower of London and also Hampton court palace it’s like walking throw time (,if only?) to know that once the Tudors actually walked upon the same ground you can also walk upon

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