I just don't know why The Tudors did not feature Sir Anthony Denny as he would have been an interesting character to have in the show. There are some weird ommissions in the programme and some weird additions, like Ursula Misselden, and I hate the way that Princess Margaret is a mixture of Mary and Margaret, very annoying!


7 thoughts on “Why didn’t they use Henry VIII’s real life best friend and confidant Sir Anthony Denny in the show? He was best man at most of his weddings, Anthony’s son Edward was named after Henry’s son Edward who was also Edward Denny’s godfather. Sir Anthony was given the use of the Windsor crest in the 1st and 4th quadrants of his crest. He was also given full rights to rule as Henry was on his death bed. Sir Edward Denny wasn’t even noted in the Elizabeth movies. He was best friends with Sir Walter Raleigh and they pirated together. Edward married a cousin of Anne’s. (They are my ancestors)”

  1. Laura Stijnen says:

    I thought Charles Brandon who married the sister of Henri – Mary, was Henri’s best friend throughout the years. Is that not so???

    1. April Denny Bouchard says:

      Henry had many “friends” but it came down to whom he could Trust the most and who served him best. Sir Anthony Denny (16 January 1501 – 10 September 1549) was a confidant of Henry VIII of England. Denny was the most prominent member of the Privy chamber in Henry’s last years having, together with his brother-in-law John Gates, charge of the “dry stamp” of Henry’s signature, and attended Henry on his deathbed (Wikipeadia). Sir Anthony was the ONLY person who, with alot of courage and respect, told Henry he was dying and was appointed Executor of his will.

      1. Chelsea says:

        By then though wasn’t Charles Brandon dead?? Yeah I always got the impression that Brandon was Henry’s close friend. And from who he seemed to be I doubt he would have had any problem telling Henry his time was comming and to confess and all that.

  2. Marie Denny says:

    They are my ancestors as well and there is no mention in either Henry reign or Elizabeths of the Denny family that served them well and was in very good favor. Elizabeth was sent to live with Sir Anthony for a time when she was young.

    1. Michelle Denny Severt says:

      Yes, I agree. My Ancestors as well. My fathers family, the Dennys, passed down that Sir Anthony was Henrys best friend. He also persuaded Henry to make the English faith Protestant. There are many Reverend’s and Pastors in my dads line. So proud.

  3. Ron says:

    Sir Anthony Denny, my 12th great grandfather.

  4. Roger Allen says:

    My surname is Allen. The McGuffey’s/ Guffey’s married into my Allen line, Epherim Guffey
    married a Sarah Denny. This marriage was the beginning of my Denny/Denney/Dennehy
    Following this Denny line led me to Sir Anthony Denny..
    I guess the Dennline would be cousins to me.
    i found another families Denny research page on the Denny’s, they mentioned that Sir Anthony was given a signifigant role by William Shakespeare play “Henry Vlll” Act 5 scene 1. i looked it up, and sure enough, there was his name. He played himself in the play.

    My Allen line goes to elite people also. William Fitzalan, my 25th Great grandfather, was the progenitor of the Earls of Arundel castle in Arundel, w. sussex, england. Williams
    brother Walter Fitzalan was good friends with King David l (son of Robert the Bruce.
    and was made the First High Steward of Scotland. Walter’s grandson took the “d” off the
    word “Steward and made their last name Stewart. So Walter Fitzalan was the progenitor
    of the House of Stewart/Stuart.

    If you have any “Allen’s” in your ancestry keep going to England in your ancestry search.

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