Did Anne Boleyn have another motto?

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  1. Robin says:

    I read somewhere that she had also used “Me and Mine” as her motto. Sorry, don’t know the latin.

    1. Claire says:

      Thanks, Robin, I hadn’t heard of that one.

  2. Lady says:

    She dropped the Groigne qui groigne motto after realising it was a device in support of Emperor Charles V

  3. Ann says:

    The Latin for ‘The Most Happy’ is ‘Plurrimi Gauisus’

  4. Lex says:

    Did she like the motto or find it funny at all?

  5. Mademoiselle_Boleyn says:

    My latin teahcher said you can also use Laetissima for the most happy
    in french of course, it is La Plus Heureuse (:

  6. Barbara says:

    Hello everyone–The motto about grudging.
    This motto was famous in continental Europe, especially at the court in Burgundy where Anne lived and studied WITH CHARLESV AND HIS 2 SISTERS at Margaret of Austria’s. It was used by more rulers than just Anne, including Henry. There’s credence to semper eadem being her motto along with the falcon badge. The most happy is what you would call a device.
    Happy researching.

  7. bethany.x says:

    In David Starkey’s TV series I think he said she used ‘Let who will complain.’

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Bethany,

      Yes, that’s right, that’s “Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne”. Anne did not use it for very long as it was a bit of a joke motto!

      1. bethany.x says:

        Thank you!

    2. Johanna says:

      A more literal but contemporary translation of ‘Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne’ is ‘This is how it’s going to be, even though whingers whinge.’

  8. Annie says:

    I have the “groigne” motto tattooed on my wrist! I love Anne and always have. Having a tattoo in her honor makes me feel strong! Haha

    1. Sonja Norwood says:

      I have her falcon badge and signature as queen on my right arm. I have loved her since I was 12 or so…I know exactly what you mean when you say that it makes you feel strong!

      1. Lindsie says:

        I also have an Anne tattoo. I have, “The Most Happy” in french on my wrist. I want to get another one my other wrist. Thinking of doing the “Me and mine’ one. I have also loved Anne from a very early age (11 or so.) I randomly was assigned her as one of Henry’s wives for a research project and I’ve been enamored every since. I love knowing I have this tattoo to her memory on me for the rest of my life.

  9. EmilyJane says:

    I’m looking to get her motto tattooed! That’s how I came across this website 🙂

  10. Lady says:

    What did she mean by “always the same”? Was she saying she was constant?

    1. Claire says:

      Yes, it’s about constancy.

  11. jaimeh says:

    In Spain is” Así será, gruña quien gruña”.

  12. bobby says:

    She used “Live and let grumble” for a while, before she was Queen..

  13. nfuster says:

    I came here also looking for inspiration for a tattoo! would you mind sharing yours? looking for inspiration x

  14. Laurel Thewsey says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me find some primary sources for may A level personal study on why Anne Boleyn died? I particularly need in on her character, just one that describes what she was like
    Thank you

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Laurel,
      There is a list of primary sources at https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/resources/primary-sources/ and the articles (which are all referenced) at https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/anne/the-events-of-may-1536/ should help you too, particularly the ones about courtly love. You might also enjoy https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/why-i-think-henry-viii-was-responsible-for-anne-boleyns-downfall/.

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