When I thought already, that I will spend the rest of day resting after exceptionally warm how on April day letter reached to me. I was called in to England, to execute queen’s execution there. , I wondered even this is not mistake. However not, all agreed. Reward was good also. The only necessity of far trip bothered me to London. I thought however, that, I as executioner have opportunities to sightseeing of world infrequently. I decided to accept this work. In end my son will grow from all clothes soon and new they were expensive. I knew, that such far road will not fall to Claudia’s taste, but pay should her convince
I reached to house with late afternoon. How I foresaw Claudia she agreed on my departure, because we need money. . When we sat down told inner something me suddenly she reminded.
`- I got to know your queen she – affirmed
– This which go to cut. I remember that when met with sisters vases this queen from England Maria. Maids were with her. And I remembered this one well. She told black hair, eyes, in French well. Sister asked even or she is not, to Frenchwoman. She burst into laughter and she said, that not. She introduced us, as Anne. Anne Boleyn. This surname like me, so I remembered it. This is strange, that exactly you will kill her.
So near opportunity, then exceptionally well pay you Englishmen.
I – Am in end the best executioner in whole Europe. It surprises you, so, that so well pay?
Claudia smiled only and she did not answer anything. I meanwhile I began to road preparation immediately. Transits Sea is not Counter crossing and we should make to her suitable preparations. I never earlier was not in England, so was interesting, what will turn out this country. Woman who had to cut did not occupy my thoughts. This simply next work you which should execute. I am careful, that only, what I am guilty my victims then pane death. In this meanwhile I was good. Sentenced I deprive life one cut of sword. I learnt from my father this art. Then he taught me to kill fast. So at least I am careful. Alone I obviously never checked or execution hurts or not. This would to for my profession former loss,
Son approached with evening, eve of my departure to me and he asked or it can go with me together. I struck. Was already on so many large, that I began him teaching executioner’s profession. So far raise the price she gave me however sale difficult for him. When he heard my negative answer he got sad, and after moment he asked me?
– Papa, or why you will kill queen?
I was not certain, what to answer on this question. There in end was not process yet, and I be called in already. It I was promised was pays ®, so it to execution with certainty will come. I in end answered:
-This woman has to die, because such is king’s will.
But she is Queen. It how can was kill ruler? This bad.
– Not to judge us, this is correct and what not. We beheaded these they which we punish. This is our duty.
Kid shook with only head and he did not answer anything. I knew however, that bothers him this, or woman is guilty or not. He wondered over such things continually. It did not bother me this. Not is my this matter. Justice belonged to courts, I executed punishment. Nothing more.
When I found on ship I thought about one only: I hate sea. Water, water, water. This something horrible. Well, that though it was not storm, because I would not hold out probably. Well, that road flowed away enough quickly. We in end reached to bank of England. I could calm down with relief. I in harbor rented horse and I moved to London.
London was dirty and crowded. He did not make on me good impression. It by all the times rained, so streets were full muds. Did not pay back surrounding me men on then attention and they did their purchases hurriedly. I reached to Tower, powerful tower over r city fortress. I introduced guard, and this will take me to Constable William Kingston. This accepted me politely, he treated with meal and he poured fault. I had to execute next day. Evening, when Lady Kingston received us proud dinner I with her husband together, we sat down near fire and we began speaking. I told about trip as well as my family. Kingston told about his work. He in end began remembering about queen. How it turned out politician she was him indifferent. He wanted in quiet of survivals his life only. However he about this woman knew a lot of. He told about the brother who got lost with morning. His speech moved constable.
– He was such young, I do not like, when they sentence young. They should work for kingdom.
– Even, if they are guilty? I – Asked. He did not to push away anything. After several minutes I gave different question:
– According to you she is guilty?
– Court Sentenced her. She had fair process. My sentence does not matter, but if you want to know her it is innocent. Does this something alter?
– Not for me.
I got up next day early. I dressed and I prepared sword. When I was finished to exit Kingston came to me
– Many persons cam. Unfortunately. We do not want problems, so we rearranged execution on tomorrow.
It did not surprise me that so many persons wanted to see executions. Not, everyday it kills queen. I walked after walls of Tower and I spoke with encountered persons. Several persons asked, or this I am famous executioner, which will kill queen. I confirmed. One with guards said to me
– Wish me Elizabeth’s princess. She has only three years and it never more will not see mother.
My Adele had three years. I do not represent me how she would manage without Claudia. Power. Every of her dreams, but it more often brings more bad than good.
19th May was beautiful. Exceptionally warm, but cool. Ideal day on return to house. I had with evening intention to be in road to house. I about eighth was finished. It was not any delays this time. I went out on square where execution had to take place. I entered on scaffold. People surrounded me on execution it came lots persons. Some look on me with fear different with curiosity. Many looked my sword. I became accustomed to this.
I in end saw her. As to describe her? She was beauty. She had dark eyes. Her attitude was proud. She was queen. She had grey damask over a petticoat of crimson. A white collar was about her neck; her neck was little, her robe being cut low, and a hood over her head, embroidered with pears.

She looked on surrounding her persons and she said:
“Good Christian people, I have not come here to preach a sermon; I have come here to die, for according to the law and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak of that whereof I am accused and condemned to die, but I pray God save the King and send him long to reign over you, for a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never, and to me he was ever a good, a gentle and sovereign lord.
And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best. And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all and I heartily desire you all to pray for me.”

I did not know what to think. She was so brave. She did not tell about her innocence. It surprised me. I did not want to kill her. However I had. This was my work, my duty. I had her to kill. I have this to make the best how I am able to. I could not anything more to her give. I am pleased, that the man who sentenced her is not my king. She took off her jewelry. I knelt and beseech her to forgiveness.

I never was so sincere. She said silently: I forgive you. I looked in her eyes. It was not in them sadness, only determination. I yet never killed someone such. She was not only queen. Anne was splendid woman which did not surrender till death. Her attitude is stupefied. I did not know, what about this to think. I beheaded many persons, but never someone such as her.
She knelt praying “Oh Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul. To Jesus Christ I commend my soul; Lord Jesu receive my soul.”
I could not longer pull off. I lifted sword. One cut finished her life.

I worked many summers later yet. Never however I did not kill someone like Queen Anne Boleyn. Today came news about this, that Elizabeth Tudor became queen. Then good news for England.