History Timeline – House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha

1901 Edward VII Edward VII inherited the throne from his mother, Queen Victoria. On her death on the 22nd January 1901, Edward became King of the United Kingdom, Emperor of India and also King of the British Dominions.

He was the first British monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg Gothe, his father Prince Albert’s house, and was the only monarch of this house because his son, George V, changed the name to the House of Windsor.

Edward VII reigned for only 9 years but was heir apparent to the throne for longer than any other person in history. He rebelled against his rather domineering mother by enjoying gambling, drink and women, and was known for his extramarital activities which even resulted in him being cited in divorce cases.

His reign was known as the Edwardian period and is known for the progress made in society and technology.

Edward VII was married to Princess Alexandra of Denmark and they had six children – 3 daughters and 3 sons. Edward died in 1910 after suffering a series of heart attacks.

Edward VII (as Prince of Wales)
Edward VII (as Prince of Wales)