August’s Book of the Month is Christy English’s debut novel “The Queen’s Pawn”. Here is an excerpt from my review of the novel and you can read the rest over at our Tudor Book Reviews site:-

The Queen's Pawn - Christy English“The Queen’s Pawn” is Christy English’s debut novel and is a delight to read. Author Jeane Westin described it as a “jewel of a novel” and I have to agree. It was wonderful and I was disappointed when I finished it, it had been wonderful company for a few days.

The Queen’s Pawn tells the story of two wonderful medieval women – Eleanor of Aquitaine and Princess Alais of France – and it is told through their eyes, with each woman having a voice in the novel. The novel opens with Alais finding out that her father. King Louis VII of France, is sending her to England to marry the son of the woman who broke his heart, his ex-wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, the present wife of Henry II of England. Alais is understandably worried about going to the court of the woman who she has always though of as a “devil”, but she knows she has to do her duty to her father and France, and play her part as a pawn on the chessboard of Europe.

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