Poem – The Lady Marquess

This poem is Part 11 in Esther Hyams’ wonderful series of poems telling the life story of Anne Boleyn. Please check out Esther’s other poems and leave Esther a comment to encourage her!

Anne Boleyn by Bartolozzi

Anne Boleyn by Bartolozzi

The Lady Marquess of Pembroke

The King wanted Anne to have a proper rank of her own
As they prepared to go to France, a status for her alone.

At the expense of the Privy Purse, on 1st September, 1532
Lady Rochford, would now be made the Marquess of Pembroke too.

An elegant Anne was dressed in ceremonial robes of silk trimmed with fur
Around her elegant neck were jewels that would sparkle and allure.

Regal and bold, the Lady Anne walked into the grand, royal hall
Despite the scowls or how many of the peers wished her downfall.

No matter who disapproved, standing loathingly at the helm
Anne was becoming the most prestigious non royal woman in the realm.

Anne’s dark eyes dazzled and sparkled with such power
The elegant bud was blossoming into a potent flower.

The peers of England watched as a girl once so obscure
Was given such royal favour and a title of her own, so pure.

Then King Henry placed the crown of the title on Anne’s dark head
Such a powerful moment that filled many with such dread.

No matter all that happened to England, despite everyone’s distress
Anne Boleyn would now be known as the Lady Marquess.

By Esther Hyams

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3 thoughts on “Poem – The Lady Marquess”

  1. rochie says:

    Thank you again Esther! Paints a picture.

  2. Allyson Diana says:

    Is there any possibility we could read your poem at a renaissance banquet to be held in Connecticut in April. The performers will be reenacting that great day for Anne Boleyn when she received this title of Marquis of Pembroke. It’s all for authenticity and educational. There will be entertainment and a feast. Thank you.

  3. Esther says:

    As long as you can mention that the poem is written by Esther Hyams (me), then by all means enjoy reading the poem at your event! I’m honoured that you chose my poem for this in mind.

    I hope your event is a great success.

    It would be great if you could let me know how the event goes, and how people like my poem.

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