This is Part 10 of Esther Hyams’ wonderful series of poems telling the story of Anne Boleyn’s life.

Francis I
Francis I

The King and his Lady

Henry planned to visit Francois, his ‘loyal brother’ of France
To publicly present the Lady Anne to the world in an elegant dance.

He desired the support of King Francis to overawe the Pope
Francois approved of Henry’s plans giving him and his Lady such hope.

The French ambassador, Jean du Bellay, got on well with Henry and Anne
Jean du Bellay had to get his French King to invite the graceful Madame Anne.

It was delicate, as what was Anne’s status? Henry’s wife, yet she was not.
And the French Queen was Catherine’s niece, not to be forgot.

Francois’ sister: Marguerite d’Angouleme, Anne desired to impress
But the absence of the new French Queen would cause no great distress.

But Marguerite would not come to see the Lady Anne
There were delicate betrothals to be controlled and fanned.

In England, Henry made it clear that whatever political prudery came
The Lady Anne was now his wife in everything but name.

Her existing name should be glorified, the King decided one night
The Lady Anne Rochford would be made a Marquess in her own right.

By Esther Hyams

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