This is Part 19 of Esther Hyams’ series of poems telling the life story of Anne Boleyn.

Princess Elizabeth
Princess Elizabeth


The King tried not to treat Anne like a worthless insecure toy
After all, their child and heir would surely be a healthy boy.

‘Henry’ or ‘Edward’ were the chosen and proposed names
Preparations had begun for celebration tournaments and games.

Due to custom, Queen Anne took to her Royal Chamber
Awaiting the birth of her son, like Mary in the manger.

Two beds were placed; one was very small, back to back
The windows were covered, the room was almost black.

On 26th August, 1533; Anne Boleyn retired from public view
For in 2 weeks time, the Monarchs awaited heir would be due.

On 7th September 1533, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon
Long after the coming of the sun and the absence of the moon.

Queen Anne Boleyn’s mind and heart was in a confusing whirl
For the expected male heir was born a healthy baby girl.

Henry tried to hide his despair and said that sons would follow
But deep inside the King’s heart he felt so numb and hollow.

In a document Queen Anne broke the news to the world
By convention, a queen did this, the news that must be hurled.

The word ‘prince’ had to be changed to princess
This must have caused the King and Queen such distress.

The world let out a disappointed sigh, the King felt such rage
He thought that this would be the beginning of a golden age.

But now the world would let out a disappointed breath
At the news of the future Queen – Elizabeth.

By Esther Hyams

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