Here is Part 9 of Esther Hyams’ wonderful series of poems about the life of Anne Boleyn.

Thomas More
Thomas More

Distant Hearts

In July 1531, King Henry saw Queen Catherine for the last time
After 22 years of marriage, there was no farewell, no loving rhyme.

He rode off with the Lady Anne at his side, from Windsor, at Dawn
Catherine was moved from place to place, once again a useless pawn.

Catherine sent Henry letters, sad that he had not said goodbye
Henry yelled he wanted no letters from her, no more nagging cries.

She was a once loved queen, but now she was neglected
Her New Year’s present of 1532, a gold cup, furiously rejected.

No more money was sent to Rome from March 1532
Cromwell showed the Catholic wealth and morals so untrue.

On 15th May 1532: was the submission of the clergy to the King
Now no opposition to Henry’s plans could the church bring.

Eight Bishops chose to be absent at the time of submission
Thomas More resigned as Chancellor with Henry’s reluctant permission.

August 1532 would bring hope to the Lady Anne and to the King’s face
Cranmer could be made Archbishop of Canterbury and better argue their case.

By Esther Hyams

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