Love Letter 7

DARLING, these shall be
only to advertise you that this
bearer and his fellow be despatched
with as many things to compass our
matter, and to bring it to pass as our
wits could imagine or devise; which
brought to pass, as I trust, by their
diligence, it shall be shortly, you and
I shall have our desired end, which
should be more to my heart’s ease,
and more quietness to my mind, than
any other thing in the world ; as, with
God’s grace, shortly I trust shall be
proved, but not so soon as I would
it were; yet I will ensure you that
there shall be no time lost that may
be won, and further can not be done;
for ultra posse non est esse*. Keep him
not too long with you, but desire
him, for your sake, to make the more
speed; for the sooner we shall have
word from him, the sooner shall our
matter come to pass. And thus upon
trust of your short repair to London,
I make an end of my letter, my own
sweet heart.

Written with the hand of him
which desireth as much to be yours
as you do to have him.

H. R.

* “One can’t do more than is possible”.

5 thoughts on “Love Letter 7”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Sweet and simlpe. All the letters seem to be. But yet in the end he killed her. ‘Cause she didnt give the son he wished for.

    1. Claire says:

      A son definitely would have saved her but there was definitely more to it than that.

    2. laura says:

      yet there was an easy way out and henry didnt take it his previous relation to mary anne’s sister

  2. Liz13 says:

    Yes Claire, I believe Cromwell had a hand in the whole mess too. Anne’s end was awful and I cried when I visited her resting place at the tower. But history can not be re written and England was blessed with beautiful Elizabeth for many years. Im sure Anne was lookin down, smiling and proud, and hopeully a little bit smug.

  3. Anne says:

    The sentences alongside the image of Henry appear all fractured. If the text were corrected it would be so much easier to read. I got seasick trying to read the first half because the sentences aren’t together !
    I might me influenced by the size of the image of Henry. A photo/image of a certain size can disrupt text on a page. Maybe put his image under the text and not on the right side of it ?

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