THE reasonable request of your
last letter, with the pleasure also
that I take to know them true, caus-
eth me to send you these news. The
legate which we most desire arrived
at Paris on Sunday or Monday last
past, so that I trust by the next Mon-
day to hear of his arrival at Calais:
and then I trust within a while after
to enjoy that which I have so long
longed for, to God’s pleasure and our
both comforts.

No more to you at this present,
mine own darling, for lack of time,
but that I would you were in mine
arms, or I in yours, for I think it long
since I kissed you.

Written after the killing of a hart,
at eleven of the clock, minding, with
God’s grace, to-morrow, mightily
timely, to kill another, by the hand
which, I trust, shortly shall be yours.

Henry R.