My publisher, MadeGlobal Publishing, is holding a special “Anne Boleyn Day” on 19 May to commemorate the 480th anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution. It is an online event, so can be enjoyed from wherever you are in the world, and comprises video talks by authors and historians, a charity auction for an Anne Boleyn painting, and giveaways.

Here is a preview video:

You can find out more about the day at I’ll be posting again on 19th as a reminder and sharing the videos as they go live on Anne Boleyn Files Facebook page. Do join us on 19th!

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One thought on “Preview of Anne Boleyn Day 19 May 2016”
  1. Thanks so much AB Files Im looking forward to this with Anticipation! 480 years ago and Anne Story still Keeps us Interested. May She rest in Peace ” Our Rose without a thorn.”

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