****NEWSFLASH – New Jewellery Range Launched – NEWSFLASH****

Posted By on June 14, 2009

Double Strand NecklaceI have to interrupt my usual blogging with yet another newsflash and to introduce our new jeweller, Daniela, to you all – please take a bow Daniela!

Since I first launched the gold-plated Anne Boleyn B necklace just a few weeks ago, I have received a few emails about whether it is available in other letters and with other customizations. Unfortunately, Steve could not do this because he is working with pewter and gold, so I set out to find a jeweller who could create the whole alphabet.

Now I can offer you the best of both worlds.

Daniela works with clay and can do any letter in either gold or silver finish. She can also offer customizations like adding a ribbon or changing the colour of the pearls (brown, oyster, ivory or white). So, at The Anne Boleyn Files we now have:-

  • A gold-plated Anne Boleyn B necklace made by “The Tudors” jeweller in the UK, out of lead-free pewter plated in 23ct gold.
  • A fired clay Anne Boleyn B necklace (made in the US) which is available in other letters and in a gold or silver finish.
  • A double strand Anne Boleyn B necklace (made in the US) – This one has the extra lower hanging strand of pearls and is available in any letter and in either gold or silver.

While I was chatting to Daniela, I also found out that she does a range of jewellery based on Showtime’s “The Tudors” show. Daniela watched the show closely and has made replicas of many of the pieces worn by actresses like Natalie Dormer. You can see this range on our “The Tudors Jewelry” page or by enjoying the slideshow below.

[slideshow id=13 w=300 h=200]

I’m so excited about this range!

I’m also busy adding more resources to the site – check out Book of the Month and other pages I’ve added to the “Resources” drop down menu. Busy, busy!

4 thoughts on “****NEWSFLASH – New Jewellery Range Launched – NEWSFLASH****”

  1. sarah. r says:

    Good luck with this range. Every woman who has ever had a tyrant standing over her, at work, at home, wherever, should wear Anne’s symbols with pride! A great lady – and a Queen of England, moreover. Why should we neglect her!

    1. admin says:

      That’s such a great reason for buying, Sarah!

  2. Meghan May says:

    Can you tell me how big the letters are on the Anne Boleyn B necklace?

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Meghan,

      For the gold-plated B necklace, the pendant with pearls measures 2 1/4 inches by 1 inch (6cmx2.5cm). The B is handcast in pewter then plated with 23 carat gold.

      For the other B necklaces and other letter necklace the letter measures approximately 1 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide but each one is uniquely shaped by hand and then fired and finished in your choice of silver or gold.

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