Celebration toast with champagneWell, I’ve just raised a toast to Anne Boleyn (it’s lunchtime here, I’m not having wine for breakfast!) and watched the  execution speech from The Tudors – moving but not very historically accurate! But I thought I’d just share with you a few things I’ve added to the site in the past 24 hours to commemorate Anne Boleyn Day and to improve the site:-

  • $50 discount off the beautiful hand-painted oil-on-canvas replica Tudor portraits – from now until 26th May
  • Addicted to Anne page – All 8 of the entries to the article competition can be found here.
  • Anne Poems and Execution Speeches pages added
  • Official licensed “The Tudors” Anne Boleyn gown added to our Products Page – I want it!!
  • The Anne Boleyn Files Cafe Press Store created – get stylish Anne Boleyn T-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies and more. I will be adding more designs soon.
  • Tudor Jewellery added to Products Page – from state chains to brooches, from coins to a Jane Seymour pendant. This is in addition to our B necklace andcontemporary range.
  • The Anne Boleyn Files magazine – I am busy creating a monthly magazine for The Anne Boleyn Files subscribers. Exciting!

Do I sleep? No!

Anyway, I’d just like the opportunity to thank you all for your support. I’ve been truly humbled by your emails of appreciation for this site. I just hope Anne would like it!

Funny story – I was chatting via email with Steve, the jeweller who makes the Anne Boleyn B necklace and our Tudor range, yesterday about The Tudors. He was saying that they had started filming Season 4 and that he had provided them with a lot of jewellery and cutlery etc. so I asked him whether he liked the show. Steve admitted to only having watched 10 minutes of one episode because he couldn’t bear the fact that they were wearing the state chains all wrong. Instead of having them pinned at the back and shoulders, he said that they were hanging down to their navels – oh dear!

Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see on the site.

Well, please read Emma’s winning  article below and my account of Anne Boleyn’s execution. To Anne!

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5 thoughts on “****NEWSFLASH – ANNE BOLEYN DAY NEWS****”
  1. I will always love and adore Anne Boleyn, I really believed she loved her King and counrty.She truly was the Queen of England that Henry could not let go that is why I believe he had her killed. Just my thoughts for what it is worth. He was so obessed with a male heir not realizing he already had the best future leader with out an male heir.

  2. Omg I didn’t know that they had started filmng the season 4! Thanks for the info!
    Oh and by the way I love your web page! It’s so interesting! It’s now on my favorites now, so I’ll definitely come back to check out the new stuff!!

  3. Hi Michelle and Anne Sophie,
    Yes, I too believe that Anne loved Henry and England, and that Henry had a real obsession with having a male heir. I think his obsession arose out of the fact that his father had had many challenges to the throne and so a male heir would give stability and security to the Tudor line.
    David Starkey concludes that what had once attracted Henry to Anne – her courage, her willingness to tell Henry “no” when others wouldn’t, her intelligence and feistiness – were the things that actually started to get on his nerves and sealed her fate. Perhaps he just couldn’t cope with a strong woman!
    Anne Sophie, I have heard that they’re not going to be filming any more seasons after season 4 so we’ll ahve to make the most of that. I guess it has to end sometime! Thank you for your compliments about the website, I’m glad you love it as much as I do. I sense that we’re building a real community here.

    Claire x

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