New historical thriller – The Devil’s Chalice

the_devils_chaliceDerek Wilson is one of my favourite historians and I have so many of his books on my bookcase, so I was interested in early 2015 when I learned that he’d started writing historical thrillers.

You may remember that I reviewed his first two Thomas Treviot thrillers, The First Horseman and The Traitor’s Mark, when they were published by Sphere – click here to read my reviews. Well, his third Treviot thriller, The Devil’s Chalice, has been released today by my publisher MadeGlobal Publishing and I know it’s just as good, if not better than, the first two as I read a draft copy of it. I was hooked! What I love about Derek’s Treviot books is that they are based on real-life, unsolved Tudor crimes or mysteries and are written by a historian who knows the period inside out. I know I’m biased, being connected to MadeGlobal, but I can hand-on-heart say that this is a gripping read. If you like C.J. Sansom’s Shardlake series then you’ll also enjoy these Treviot thrillers.

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Here are the details:

The third book in the acclaimed series of Thomas Treviot Tudor crime thrillers – Based on REAL TUDOR CRIME RECORDS.

The Real Crime

In the steaming summer of 1549 two men languish in the Tower of London. William West is accused of attempted murder. Robert Allen is under investigation for dabbling in the Black Arts. Meanwhile, England is in the grip of rebellions against the boy king, Edward VI. The connections between these facts remains a mystery.

Our Story

London goldsmith, Thomas Treviot, is sent by his patron, Archbishop Cranmer, to discover discreetly what connections West has with leading figures at court. But Thomas has problems of his own: his teenage son has gone off to Norwich to join rebels led by Robert Kett. Trying to find his son and please Cranmer, he is plunged into dangers from peasant mobs, London gangsters and political chicanery, not to mention an enemy wielding occult power…

Once again, D.K. Wilson bases his story on documented facts in order to evoke the feverish atmosphere of 1549’s ‘summer of discontent’ in which magic was as real to people as mob violence and political scheming.

‘Derek Wilson is a fine historian – and he can also tell a gripping story. This is historical fiction at its best, effortlessly underpinned by a wealth of research by a writer whose understanding of the period is profound.’ – Alison Weir, author of Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen

Paperback: 282 pages
Kindle File Size: 3159 KB
Publisher: MadeGlobal Publishing (30 Sept. 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8494489380
ISBN-13: 978-8494489389

Use this link to find out more on your country’s Amazon site.

I’d just like to give a shout-out to Dmitry Yakhovsky, my fellow MadeGlobal author and illustrator, who is responsible for the stunning cover of Derek’s book.

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