My Favourite Ruin: Kenilworth Castle and a giveaway

Dec1,2015 #Elizabeth I

Kenilworth CastleOn the second stop of the book tour for Tudor Places of Great Britain I’m over at sharing an article about the ruins of Kenilworth Castle and why this castle has a big place in my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

There’s also another chance to win a copy of my book, so do head over to and follow the instructions there – good luck!

Here is the schedule again for my book tour for those of you who want to follow me around and enter all of the giveaways. MadeGlobal Publishing is offering a copy of my book to one lucky commenter at each stop, so do join in!

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3 thoughts on “My Favourite Ruin: Kenilworth Castle and a giveaway”
  1. When I visit here I feel a most powerful sense of feeling I have had no where else. The energy at this site is amazing

  2. I have got a question about this castle. The article says that during the Civl War it was badly damaged, but, do you know who it belongs to?

    1. During the English Civil War, in 1649, it was damaged by Parliamentary forces to stop it being used as a military stronghold by the Royalists. King Charles I had inherited it in 1612 but granted it to Robert Carey, Earl of Monmouth, in 1626. It belongs to English Heritage now.

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