Queen Anne Boleyn was, of course, not the only victim of her fall in 1536, five men were executed on 17th May 1536. Clare Cherry, my co-author (George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat), pays tribute to these men in this video talk.

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5 thoughts on “The men who died in 1536 video”
  1. Thank you, Clare Cherry, for helping us to remember five brave and honorable men that were sacrificed along with our murdered Queen Anne Boleyn. Your video brought me to tears!

    1. Sorry to make you cry, but I’m very happy for your kind comment. It’s wonderful to get such a lovely response. Best wishes, Clare.

  2. Thanks Clare for this interesting video which I liked the best, You have an ease and warmth which is charming to listen to.

    1. That’s a wonderful comment, thank you so much Globerose, I’m very touched.
      Best wishes, Clare

  3. Remembering those very brave men. I think Mark Smeaton must have been terrified and thought his life would be spared if he pleaded guilty.
    The court must have been a very quiet frightening place to be on these terrible days.
    Thankyou for the video.

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