‘Life and Death in the Tudor Court’ Season Trailer – Coming Soon on BBC Two


Thank you so much for Tamise from The Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide and Lara Eakins for sharing this trailer for BBC 2’s upcoming series of Tudor programmes. I’d seen the trailer on TV but didn’t realise it was on the BBC Channel on YouTube.

The BBC still haven’t released the schedule for these programmes, but you can find out more about them at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p015vkbl/features/programmes

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20 thoughts on “‘Life and Death in the Tudor Court’ Season Trailer – Coming Soon on BBC Two”
  1. I can not wattoo see this on the BBC,It looks like it’s going too be a good series!! Thx B

  2. Re; Mary’s comment above. I think only the trailer is on Youtube.
    Wished the show itself could be broadcast in Canada.

  3. I can’t wait for this! Hopefully it will be on iPlayer as I don’t have a TV and my work schedule is crazy.

  4. Really hope this pops up on BBC America, but am I the only dork that noticed the background music was the Vikings theme song? That seemed kind of odd

  5. I hope this is broadcast on the ABC in Australia some time. I certainly wouldn’t want to miss it!

  6. Wow this literally looks amazing
    I’ve been waiting soooo much to see a new ‘Anne Boleyn’ on TV. I can’t express my excitement.

  7. I attended the BBC History Magazine Talk Tudor day and Suzannah Lipscombe was a guest speaker on Anne Boleyn and spoke about the upcoming programme.

    1. Yes me too, I have had the book for ages but hadn’t read it, so I took it down off the shelf, and I am half way through it, I wanted to see how well it’s translated onto TV.
      I think there will be a strong ‘magic/spells/craft’ thread running through it. There are 10 episodes I think, wonder if the Red Queen will be done at a later date?

  8. I have read some of the book not all but I hope it s good aswell and there’s olso wolf hall but I think it will be late 2014 before we see that I thought once the Tudors was done that would be it but I was wrong we have plenty more to look forward from the Tudor era I think

    1. Oh yes, I had forgotten about Wolf Hall going on screen too, so there is plenty to look forward too.
      Nearly finished the White Queen, but I’m struggling to see how there will get 10 hours of viewing from it, even though I liked it on the whole, I find a lot of it a bit long winded/samey, but that’s just my view. I read most of it while I was ill so may be my concept of the book was clouded by that.

  9. Cheers, was looking for when this airs. I remember learning about the Tudors in school, harsh times.

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