July 11 – Pope Clement VII has had all he can take of King Henry VIII!


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One thought on “July 11 – Pope Clement VII has had all he can take of King Henry VIII!”
  1. Kings had been excommunicated before or threatened with it, and Henry V111 no doubt saw this as a way out of the interference of Rome, maybe he always suspected and his ministers that Katherine would remain the victor but by this stage, Henry was determined to marry Anne Boleyn and give himself supreme power over his kingdom, yet it was an incredibly risky thing he did, by ignoring Rome he was indeed sticking two fingers up at the whole Catholic world, just before she died, Katherine Henry’s wretched queen spoke of her worry that the abyss into which the realm had been plunged may have been down to her, her refusal to let Henry have his divorce immediately led to the break with Rome, but she was assured it was none of her doing, to blame it on Katherine is to undermine Henry’s strength of will, the pope must have wrung his hands in despair at what was unfolding at the English court.

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