Historians, Writers and Researchers Wanted

Feb4,2011 #history #research #writer

Calling all history lovers! Are you a student, historian, amateur historian, researcher or someone who just loves history? Would you be interested in having your work published on a history website which aims to be a community of historians and a place to educate the general public? Somewhere where you can also promote yourself by having your own bio page with a link to your website or contact details?

If so, please contact me at claire@theanneboleynfiles.com giving me your name, background and the period(s) of history you’re interested in. Any period of history, any country or place, basically anything about history will be considered. This will be your chance to get your work out there and read and to be part of an online community of like-minded people.

NB. You don’t have to be an expert or have any formal training, the only thing required is a passion for your subject.

New website coming soon!

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30 thoughts on “Historians, Writers and Researchers Wanted”
  1. From Jenny B

    Claire – What a brilliant and excellent idea!!!! Congratulations – I wish you all the success with this new idea. Unfortunately, I can’t see me in any category. Yes – everything interests me but I feel not enough – I am like the “grasshopper”.

    BUT changing the subject – Yesterday, Chinese New year of the Metal Rabbit!!!! That interested me because I was born in the only Metal Rabbit year before this one!!! So at the mo. I am on a rant and rave on Chinese Astrologoy – Next week I am sure it will be something else.

  2. I would love to be able to contribute! The periods that I am the most fluent in are the Anarchy, the beginnings of the Plantagenet dynasty, the Wars of the Roses, and the Tudor dynasty. I know smatterings here and there of the other periods as well, but not as much. I also like anything to do with “mad” monarchs….so sad, I know. I don’t have a website to promote, but I always love research and writing about it!

    1. from Jenny B to Empress Maud – try the Hannovarians if you are looking for mad Monarch and the Spanish Bourbons and Hapsburgs – Those two should keep you going for sometime!!!

      1. Love those periods too! Carlos II is what got me interested in the whole “mad monarchs” thing in the first place!

        1. To Empress Maud from Jenny B

          yes pooor old C2 – With all that interbreeding. However, what I would love to see is someone much more enlighted than me to do a comparison between H8 and Anne Boleyn and “Prinnie” The Prince Regent and future George IV and his wife Caroline of Brunswick. The two men had very few things in common with perhaps the exception of women and money – The two women, from what i can see bntohing in common. There is very little real documentary on AB’s life – a lot of it is speculation but Caroline of Brunswick has it all and one of the maddest hatters in that dysnasty – But she survived a treason trial despite being really over the top. Maybe because she was the niece of George III. Who knows but would make an interesting study.

          The Spanish Bourbons are also a fascinating study in their foibles and how the last King (befoe the revbulic) was encouraged to marry outside the Haburg/Bourbon influence to bring fown his nerves. He married VIctiira Eugenia, granddaighter of Queen Victoria (aka Tricky Vicky) only to get his heir and another son as haeomòphiliacs (of coure he blamed ii on VE) and when he had to do a runner from Spain, he left teh rest of his family to catch up.

          A lot of material on the madness of the past royalty wherever they came from

  3. Such a great idea!!! At this moment, I’m actually writing a book about Boleyn. I would love to be able to join in on this. I have loved the Tudors since I was 4 so that’s about 20+ years of love!

  4. I would very much like to contribute to this, i am interested in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Celltic Era, Saxons, Medieval Period. Tudor and Stuarts, Georgians and Victorians, I have reaserched a couple of articles and am self taught

  5. That’s a really good idea and I start to love the website before it excists! I am also writing on a book,but not on an Anne Boleyn Story (it plays in Gregorian times). I don’t feel comfortable enough to publish such texts in English,because I am German. But I would like to enjoy reading all those storys 🙂

  6. I would love to contribute. One of the things I love about being a student of history is reading my peers’ work on the Tudors!

    Will you send you my details

    Thanks for organizing this Claire 🙂

  7. Yes, please. I would love to be able to contribute. My focus since I’ve moved to Tucson has been historic Tucson and the surrounding areas in southern Arizona. Lots of Wild Wild West here!

  8. After watching that National Geographic on Elizabeth I, I think the readers here probably do know a lot more than the so called experts. Even I knew from Claire’s two sights that those myths were such nonsense. I have found out that anyone can call themselves an expert but it really does not mean anything. I am so busy with my own job that I just don’t have the energy to write anything but I do love reading about all sorts of time periods and yes, even rulers on the edge. Sounds like a great idea.

  9. I’d love to contribute, but my only sources on history i have is the internet, especially your website. I’m going to have to mull this over and i’ll make my desicion by morning. By the way, my favorite time periods in history are the Tudor era, of course, Ancient Egypt, and recently Ancient Greece. I also love the 1920’s era in America.

  10. Hello, I too would love to contribute to the site. I do not have a web site of my own and am not too technically minded, but can just about get around the internet without too many problems!! My ‘specialist’ period is the Plantaganets, more specifically Richard III, but I also love the Tudor times and I am an avid reader of just about anything related to these periods. I am disabled but I manage to hold down a job 4 days per week, however my head (pardon the pun here!)… my head, is usually to be found in the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries, and I have several ideas for short stories and maybe a novel even. I started to write a book on Richard, but it has been on the back burner since my illness took over. I am however very lucky to live a stone’s throw away from Temple Newsam (a Tudor/Jacobean house), which, as I sure some of you will know, was the birthplace of one Mr Henry, Lord Darnley! I drive through the grounds, passing the house, every day, on my way to work and back. Wonderful in the early morning, when the mist is partially surrounding the house and grounds …… my brain goes into overtime with ideas and I wish all of you could see this. I feel very lucky indeed. Anyhow, looks like this is turning into a mini novel already, so I look forward to both contributing and enjoying the coming venture. Thanks very much.

  11. What a wonderful idea ! I’d love so much to take part, I love the Tudors era and the War of the Roses too. However I don’t think my knowledge is huge enough to write something correct and I hated my contribution about Anne’s downfall.I also have other interests in history but my knowledge is even worse than about the Tudor and the War of the Roses… I will check out in any case, I have so much to learn.

    Thanks again for the site, I don’t post as my knowledge is too limited compared to all people here but I wanted to say how much it’s pleasant to read you all. Long live to the AB files !

  12. Claire,
    I tried several times to email you at the address you gave and each time it was returned as undeliverable. I am retired and dealing with some medical issues right now which leave me with an enormous amount of time to do

    RESEARCH, WRITE, EXPLORE THEORIES, and wallow in the world of Elizabethan England, the Ware of the Roses, Eleanor of Aquataine, Henry II, and so many other interested and compelling times of history.

    Back in my college days I needed a history credit. To save money, I took my brothers offer of his used text book for a class he had taken a few years before. Before classes started I caught a cold and in my boredom of being sick, picked that text book upl. I did not sleep until I had finished Antonia Frazer’s “Mary, Queen of Scots” and I was hooked for life. I didn’t finish college then (it took another 35 years before I got a degree and then it was in computer science) but I have never stopped reading and learning about history – especially that of England. I write a little and have had a few articles published; mainly about vacation spots for recreational magazines. In my spare time, I paint family and friends in Tudor costume in the style of Holbein. I just finished doing my best friend as Margaret Beauforta and have been told it is my best so far.

    I would love to contribute to the new website, not only because of my passion for history, but because I need an interesting project while recovering from back surgery and dealing with a few other problems stemming from arthritisl. I have the time, the knowledge, and I believe the passion and talent to bring something of value; please let me do so. It would be an honor and frankly FUN!

    Hope to hear from you.

    1. Sorry for the misspelled words! Hit the key before I edited; usually I do not send out things with errors like that!!! Sho

  13. I’m primerily intereasted in World Wars I and II as well as the Tudor era.

    I have a smattering of knowledge about the other major wars of the 19th and 20th cents .

    My major problem is that I lack the discipline to finish projects that I start so I’m hesistant to offer anything ATM. Maybe later when I’m moree settled.

  14. Please count me in, – I studied History at degree level and am interested in the Tudors and also have a soft spot for the Anglo-Saxons. I did 18th century history for A level and did not really enjoy it as I think they were rather boring in those days!

  15. Wonder idea! 🙂 I was so excited to read this! I sent Claire an e-mail immediately after reading it haha 🙂
    I’m sure the site will be wonderful!

  16. Hello, I would love to be a historian for this page! I am in college to become a European historian. I have been studying The Tudor era for seven and a half years, almost eight. My favourite people in history are Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. My favourite periods of history are The Tudor era, and The Old Regime of France. My favourite countries are England and France.

  17. History Addict Yes I confess, It started as a family genealogy project and since my ancestors are Stuarts I have dove head long into this subject piecing together the parts of thier historical records that were according to history distroyed by the British crown in the 1600s. My Virtual Trips to England, Scotland, Ireland and even Russia, Have been inlighting to say the least, Viewing the landscape and properties that my ancestors lived on lets one see through eyes, Well I could go on But If There is still a need for a Researcher Let me Know.

  18. Hello, my background is in nineteenth century Britain as an Undergrad and nineteenth century Britain as a Masters degree. I have focused on British Imperialism, British Colonialism in Africa (specifically Rhodesia), and focused on early English history including the Celts, Picts, etc. I have extensive training in primary source research, and have studied Henry VIII, his wives, and the time period surrounding the life of Henry VIII. I have also extensively studied the Suffragettes and British women’s history to include, but not limited to, Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Virginia Woolf. I would be interested in contributing to your website, but I would like more information about how my work will be protected if I were to write for you.

    1. Hi Jeffrey,
      Thank you for your interest but this post was back in 2011 and we don’t run that website any longer.
      Best Wishes,

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