Hever: A Castle and its People – Special book announcement!

This week has been crazy! On Wednesday I flew to the UK for a very special meet-up with one of my very best friends and a man with whom I’m very lucky to be writing a book. I’m so very excited about this project. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d be writing a book about my happy place and with such a talented historian. Yay!

In May 2018, castle supervisor Owen Emmerson and I shook hands on a book idea, a social history of Hever Castle. Owen was actually dressed as Henry VIII at the time, so it was all a bit surreal! We have been friends for quite a few years now, drawn together by our shared love for all things Anne Boleyn, and we both feel strongly about Hever Castle. Owen is lucky enough to work there and I’m blessed to be able to visit it several times a year.

Hever Castle is an amazing place with an incredibly rich history. It has been home to so many prominent families and there are also many myths and inaccuracies regarding its history, ownership and its development through the ages. Owen and I want to tell Hever Castle’s story through the people that owned it, from its beginnings as a medieval manor, through its time as a castle that was owned by kings and queens, all the way to the present day. We hope to bring this beautiful castle, and the families connected to it, to life.

Hever: A Castle and its People will be published in early 2021.

Thank you to Hever Castle for allowing me and Owen to announce our book in the very place that we decided on the project. Here’s our announcement!

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8 thoughts on “Hever: A Castle and its People – Special book announcement!”
  1. Congrats Claire! It’s going to be great. Owen has been telling me a little of the new information coming out and it is exciting indeed. Look forward to reading and helping to promote your book. Merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations Claire! I’m very very very happy about the book, and will immediately buy it and tell all my relatives and friends. I hope you will come to Italy for your signing the book and seminars.

  3. It is going to be a difficult wait for what sounds like a great book. I’m very excited about this. Thank you Claire and Owen for the early heads up.

  4. Well I am really looking forward to this book I bet it will be absolutely fascinating, Claire you are a right little jet setter are you not? Was Tim making the Sunday roast whilst you was flying over here, but I forget you may not have that in Spain, I read the post a few days ago on Hever and found all the Alice memorabilia charming, lovely place and I loved the merry go round at the end well done!

  5. Can’t wait for this. I am hoping that you solve the story of how stained glass windows from Hever wound up in Coe Hall in Oyster Bay, New York!

    1. Hi Catherine. A possible explanation may be that since the Astor’s primary residence was in New York that during the renovations of Hever by them during the early part of the 20th century they sent some pieces back home. This is just a guess. I would love to know the answer to your question also.

  6. A beautiful video and beautiful tree to launch your wonderful book and really can’t wait and congratulations Claire on your new project and thanks also to Owen at Hever for hosting this idea and working with you. It will be brilliant. All the best and very good luck.

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