Henry’s Love Life – A Poem by Ann Nonny

Merry Wives of Henry VIIIHere’s a little jokey ditty by Ann Nonny, author of “The Merry Wives of Henry VIII: A Tudor Spoof Collection”. I hope it brightens your day!

Henry loved his first wife,
Till she began to waddle;
And then, despite her loyalty,
He got a younger model.

Henry loved his second wife,
But despite her charm and wit;
Once he tired of intellect
He swapped her for a twit.

Henry loved his third wife,
Who gave the longed for heir;
And then she went and died on him
Before he didn’t care.

Henry loved his fourth wife,
Until they got to meet.
Then after that disastrous date
He beat a quick retreat.

Henry loved his fifth wife,
And thought her pure as snow.
But once her snow had melted,
She really had to go.

Henry loved his sixth wife;
He was seen to kiss and hug her.
But she was lucky number six,
Who got to outlive the bu****!

If you enjoy spoofs and satires, with a good does of “snark”, then do check out Ann Nonny’s Tudor spoof book. It’s available at Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers.

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10 thoughts on “Henry’s Love Life – A Poem by Ann Nonny”
  1. Ho-Ho-Ho….I like it, very witty!
    You’ve been very quite of late Ann Nonny, have you been stocking up on your ‘spoofs’ to be let loose on us at a later date…I do enjoy them. 🙂

  2. I’m afraid I really don’t find this funny. :/ It’s rather sad that history is reduced to such simplistic and ridiculous portrayal of events in the name of ‘humour’.

    1. Don’t take offence bluffkinghal, but we make humour from almost every subject there possibly is, so why would it be seen as sad to simplify and satirize parts of history from 500 year, about current events, or any thing else.
      We all have different senses of humour, fair enough, but those of us that think this is comic, or write it are not ‘sad’.
      Ben Elton and Rowen Atkinson didn’t do too bad out of satirizing history, writing the very popular ‘Black Adder’ series…

    2. I think BluffKingHal is just stirring and answering in character, you can’t exactly call yourself “BluffKingHal” and not appreciate satire he he!

  3. A spoof is basically a parody by imitation. In other words a send-up created to mock by means of satire and irony (like using the name BluffKingHal to describe oneself). With both satire and irony there is a strong sense of sarcasm/exaggeration. Therefore, a spoof/parody is a form of artistic expression using satire and irony to create amusement. In simple terms it’s called ‘taking the p**s’!
    That is a type of humour which not everyone enjoys or appreciates. But as I do appreciate both satire and irony I derived enormous amusement out of BluffKingHal’s comment!

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