Henry VIII Books – Exploring the Best Books on England’s Most Infamous King

Feb19,2023 #Claire Ridgway

In the first of a series of livestreams on King Henry VIII, the second Tudor monarch, and a rather iconic historical character, I talked about Henry VIII books, sharing books from my collection and then recommending ones for you to learn more about Henry VIII, his life and reign.

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One thought on “Henry VIII Books – Exploring the Best Books on England’s Most Infamous King”
  1. I loved this video, I have two books about Henry, which you both mentioned, by Alison Weir and the other by Baldwin Smith, I was so interested with the ‘Inventory On Henry V111’ that I looked it up on Amazon, Claire you are correct it is so expensive, £68 so I think il pass on that one, but really it’s such a shame because I too love to read about all the personal possessions royalty owned, so I will seek out my old library card, I also looked up the book you recommend by J Scarisbrook, his biography on Henry V111 was published in 1968 and it was widely acclaimed at the time, so many historians have written about Henry V111 and especially his doomed second queen, who incites fascination more than any of his others ever have, really the reader is spoilt for choice, one book on Henry V111 I’d love and which wasn’t mentioned is ‘Blood Will Tell’, a medical history on Henry’s health and wether he suffered from Kell’s Syndrome by Kyra Kramer, some of my royal biographies Iv purchased from my local charity shops, of course they have cost me at the most only a pound or two, maybe if I am truly fortunate that huge volume on the inventory will turn up, who knows?

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