Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn do the Jubilee Rap

Jun1,2012 #Anne Boleyn

If you’ve got that Friday feeling you might enjoy Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (as you’ve never seen her) doing a special Jubilee rap on BBC Breakfast in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

See Horrible Histories Jubilee Rap

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11 thoughts on “Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn do the Jubilee Rap”
  1. My computer wouldn’t “load” the video…maybe,it’s better that way! LOL But I do wonder why the Henry is so thin and the Anne is the chubby one????

  2. If historical humour for kids (but often aimed straight at adults…) is your thing, check out the sketches and songs from the TV series (far better than this). Lots of Tudor sketches; but particurlarly the Quen Mary/ Kate Bush parody, and the Lady Jne Grey – prizewinner sketch… Oh and the Henry VIII from the series is far better.

  3. He’s great but she has no street cred at all, but I still loved it. Happy Jubilee, Your Majesty!

  4. Claire,

    I am most sure you put this on here as just “entainment,”, and it is really, although I never listen to “rap,” that this one rather entertaining. I know a lot of people would not want Queen Anne to look this way, or the baby, Elizabeth, eiher, but I found it quite entertaining as getting ready for the Diamond Jubliee. It is meant to funny, and it truly is the first “rap” song I’ve ever had the chance to understand the words, LOL!

    At the bottom it does say that, “Barry Britain, Garrick Theatre in London, is proving to as the books and television series.” He may not be Beny Hill, but pehaps his series will appeal to younger people (as I hope this one does) to become more interested in Queen Anne Boleyn and perhaps to this site.

    What a change of pace!

    I also watch this with Queen Elizabeth II right afer her succesion to the throne, and as we all know, coronations did not take place, generally, when one inherits the throne, so I did like seeing Queen Elizabeth II as she looked right in 1952 when she inherited the throne. It also in it’s 2:35 give the preparations being made (and one can go on from there and watch more and more), and a very few words from Prince Charles.


    Thank you, once again, for the entertainment! What a sardonic and unusual sense of humor! Thank you! WilesWales

    I will defend Queen Anne as long as I’m around! She was innocent on all charges, but did give England a very great gift, Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest absolute monach that country ever had!

    “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes:”…Psalms 118:23

    1. It is rather irreverent!

      Barmy Britain is a production from Horrible Histories. I’m not sure if the Horrible Histories programme shows over there but the series is based on children’s books by Terry Deary, books like “The Rotten Romans” and “Terrible Tudors”, which aim to make history fun by concentrating on the gory, salacious, scandalous stuff. My children love Horrible Histories and have learned a lot from the series. It’s not 100% accurate but it is fun, entertaining and educational, and really does make history interesting for kids.

      Anyway, that’s the background of this production. See http://www.barmybritain.com/#/home for more information.

      1. Claire,

        Thank you, as from what you say it is irreIevant! LOL! I must have no sense of humor! I am so ashamed, abashed or whatever term one wants to term it. My stars! I have no idea if it’s over here or not. I think Horrible Histories is great if and are teaching children educational things! I have seen anything like this (and I compared it to “Benny Hill, LOL! again!) since Sesame Street, and I never watched that as when it came out I was too old for it, plus shortly thereafter in boarding school, as my then, how shall I put it, mind was to advanced for the best schools in my town or region. I will look at the site, and try to do some research on EVEN this kind of fun before commenting in the future. “The Terrible Tudors” sounds great!

        I am so very glad your children love it, and I don’t care if it’s 100% accurate as long as they have fun and entertaining, and educational at that. What winning combination!!!! Anything that makes history fun for children wins my vote! Thank you! WilesWales!

        I will defend Queen Anne as long as I’m around! She was innocent on all charges, but did give England a very great gift, Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest absolute monach that country ever had!

        “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes:”…Psalms 118:23

  5. Yoh there, baby girl!!!, 🙂 (is that how the people into rap speak?, lol)
    Hillarious video, great to see Henry and Anne ‘gettin it on down’ and into the spirit of the Jubilee Celebrations.
    Will you be having a little celebration of your own Claire?
    I noticed 8 small flower buds on my Anne Boleyn rose today, can’t wait for them to open.

    Congratulations to HRH Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee…Cheers!!

  6. I really love Horrible Histories and Terrible Tudors is awsome. It is true HH is for children but the writters as well actors and sketches are so funny and very well informed about History. This rap is funny as well.

  7. Ha!!! Thanks for posting this, Claire! It confirms my suspicions about Anne Boleyn… she is the ultimate flygirl! This is a cute video; I wish I could be there to see the Jubilee (not in the UK, waaaah). But I shall console myself knowing that Queen Anne could give the Dance Divas of our age (Britney, J Lo, Madonna, etc.) a run for their money!!!

  8. LOL THANK YOU for the smile to start out my day! I loved it….lol *still laughing* Wish I could have been there for the Jubilee….would have been the perfect time to visit. Congratulations Your Majesty!!!!!!!

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