It has just been announced that Henry Cavill, the British actor who plays Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, in “The Tudors”, has been cast as Superman in the the new Superman movie “Superman: Man of Steel” which is due for release in December 2012.

It’s good news for all you Henry Cavill fans out there (me included)!

By the way, do you think Cavill played Charles Brandon well? What are your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Henry Cavill to Play Superman”
  1. I think that he was very good as Charles Brandon, even though the character’s aging wasn’t very well portrayed (but I guess that was not his fault). I also think that he was a good choice for Superman. I hadn’t thought of him for the part, but it’s a nice surprise…

  2. I think he played the part really well!! I kind of always pictured Charles Brandon as a little stuck up (because he could do no wrong!), dreamy/suave (hello!), but also respectful to the king. I think he knew that while he could do no wrong–even marrying the kings sister–he still could get into trouble and fall out of the king’s good graces. It’s amazing to me though that Charles never was severely punished for going against the king in some matters. I think it was their close childhood bond that maybe kept the king from ever truly getting mad at him–and while Charles may not have agreed on some things that the king did, I don’t recall him ever out rightly saying anything. Glad to hear that we will be seeing Henry Cavill in Super man…hmmm, that means a tight super hero suit right?!?!? 😉

  3. I “loved” that one report called him “the unknown” without bothering to check on his credits! After I’d gone WHAT I started smiling. Personally, I hated the Superman reboot they did a few years ago. When I heard that Zack Snyder was going to direct you’d better believe I got excited (‘300’ is a favorite of mine — and yes I know it wasn’t altogether accurate and was highly stylized, but I loved what it stood for). Then I heard that Christopher Nolan is also connected to it, and I consider him one of the most original and finest directors in recent times. That’s saying a lot considering most of Hollywood is completely unoriginal. So it should be an interesting experiment — gorgeous Brit playing one of the greatest super heroes, directed by the man who brought us the battle of Thermopylae and with a story by the man who gave us Memento, the new Batman series and the incredible Inception. I might actually line up for this one! As for Cavill as Brandon — well, I’m beyond the “they look nothing like the real person.” 😀 I thought he played the role well although I disliked him throughout Season 1. Not sure any of the young actors were appropriately “aged” and the final season love affair with Brandon and the French gal never rang true with me, but Cavill did a good job with all the material. I wish him well as the new Man of Steel!

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