Halloween, Hallowtide, Witchcraft and Martin Luther

Today, the 31st October, is of course All Hallows Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, the first day of Hallowtide. I’m marking the occasion with three videos – one about Hallowtide and how it was celebrated in Tudor times, one about superstition and witchcraft in the Tudor period, and another about an event that took place on Halloween in 1517, something that was the catalyst of the English Reformation.

I do hope you enjoy these videos:

You can find out all about the Tudor & Stuart Witchcraft & Medicine tour at https://www.britishhistorytours.com/history-tours/tudor-witchcraft-medicine and you can find out more about the Essex witches in my video – https://youtu.be/hpmkvJyc6x8
You can read Luther’s 95 Theses at http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/wittenberg/luther/web/ninetyfive.html

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