Halloween Ghost Stories

In the lead-up to Hallowtide, I’ve been featuring ghost stories sent in by my YouTube subscribers and viewers.

Here are the ones I’ve done so far, and there are more to come so do make sure you subscribe to my channel!

I hope you enjoy them!

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One thought on “Halloween Ghost Stories”
  1. I enjoyed them all, especially the one about the lady who worked at Hever Castle, and the postcards with Anne’s image on, I found that so baffling how could you explain the strange events that happened then? Aunt Dora’s ghost story was very frightening to, I believe there is another dimension that we only get snatches of now and then, maybe only the very psychic can experience them, my ex boss lives in an ancient cottage not far from her cattery and both her and her husband have both witnessed unexplainable things over the years, once she told me she had just taken a tureen of the dresser and carried it through to the kitchen, after a few minutes she went back into the lounge and the tureen was standing on the dresser though she had left it on the kitchen table, very weird! and when they moved in they saw bloodstains on the walls, she fell asleep in the woods one day after falling into a trance like stupor, she has also been attacked in the night similar to what happened to aunt Dora!, she said this entity was smothering her, I explained it could have been an incubus a demon who tries to ravage women at night, her mother who is psychic managed to release the entity from the cottage but she was very terrified, the cattery further down the field as Sue lives in quite a rural spot, has often had strange things happening there, sometimes the cages are open in the morning although the staff have sworn they locked them the evening before, the cats and kittens have been walking about when the staff go in and they are baffled as to who or what unlocks them, Maidens Bridge stands at the foot of Forty Hall which I mentioned before, because of the connection to Elysnge Manor, many years ago my gran and family were walking out on a Sunday and they came to the bridge, my gran swore she saw a ghost there and she told everyone it was like a wisp of cotton wool, a lady she thought it, but very blurry, however no one else witnessed this apparition, she said it was there for a second, and the next it had vanished, but not so long ago I was reading the comments on Enfield’s Facebook page, and one local man said he had seen a ghost near Maidens Bridge once, I do think my gran whose long been dead could well have seen the same apparition that day, also an aunt of mine was walking home late in the dark, it was quite dark and she walked past Maidens Bridge on the roadside, an old church stands opposite where members of the family are interred, there were no lights coming from the church it was dark and silent, yet she suddenly heard ghostly singing coming from the church and really frightened now, she ran all the way down the hill till she came to the nearest bus stop, there was a man standing there who exclaimed to my aunt that she looked like she had seen a ghost! She replied she think she could well have, or in this case, heard something ghostly, now my aunt was my fathers sister, and my gran was my mother’s mother, so it’s not as if she heard the tale of my grans ghost and it was on her mind, which would have spooked her when she started to approach the bridge that day, people tend to scoff at such stories but if something eerie happens to them which they cannot explain then they do question life itself, the universe, are we just born to die and that is the end ? Science cannot explain everything, I have lived near Forty Hall all my life and spent most of my childhood there, and in the summer often walk round there, the nurseries are nearby as well, so I go to buy a few plants I often pop across and sit in the lovely secluded walled garden, yet sadly I have never witnessed anything paranormal but one day who knows? I’m so glad you are doing these videos Claire it’s a nice little treat for Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve I should say.

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