#fridayfun – Quiz: Anne Boleyn’s siblings

Posted By on April 28, 2023

Today’s Friday fun is a quiz on Anne Boleyn’s siblings.

Just how much do you know about Anne Boleyn’s brothers and sister?

Find out in this fun Anne Boleyn quiz!

#1. Anne's sister Mary was Henry VIII's mistress and was also said to be the mistress of ............

#2. Mary Boleyn's first husband died in 1528 of ............

#3. Mary Boleyn died in July of this year.

#4. Anne's brother George married Jane Parker, daughter of Lord ..........

#5. In 1526, George Boleyn was given this royal office.

#6. George was lauded in the 16th century for his gift as a poet, but which of these poems is he thought to have written?

#7. Anne's brother Henry, who died in childhood, was laid to rest here.

#8. Anne's brother Thomas, who also died in childhood, was buried here.

#9. True or false: George Boleyn was arrested on 2nd May 1536, the same day as his sister Anne?

#10. True or false: The present British royal family descend from Anne Boleyn's sister Mary?

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