This week’s #FridayFun is another quiz testing your knowledge of Queen Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, from July 1540, when she became queen, to her execution in February 1542.


#1. In January 1541, Catherine welcomed this person to court and gave him/her a ring and two small dogs.

#2. In 1541, Catherine interceded with Henry VIII for this imprisoned courtier.

#3. In the summer of 1541, Catherine accompanied her husband the king on progress to this part of England.

#4. While she was on the royal progress, Catherine met secretly with this gentleman of the king's privy chamber.

#5. This lady helped Catherine meet with her sweetheart while they were on the royal progress

#6. What position did Francis Dereham attain in Catherine's household in 1541?

#7. Who informed the king by letter of allegations regarding Catherine's past on 2nd November 1541?

#8. This man alerted members of the king's council to Catherine's past relationships.

#9. Catherine was confined to her apartments in Hampton Court Palace and then moved to this place before being transferred to the Tower of London.

#10. True or false: Both men tried for their involvement with Catherine suffered a full traitor's death, i.e. they were hanged, drawn and quartered?

Culpeper’s sentence was commuted to beheading.

#11. True or false: Henry VIII changed the law so that he could execute Catherine's lady?

He changed the law so that he could execute a person displaying signs of “lunacy” as Jane Boleyn had suffered a mental breakdown following her arrest.

#12. Where was Catherine buried?


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One thought on “#FridayFun – Catherine Howard Quiz Part 2”
  1. I got eleven right, slipped up on the courtier Catherine interceded with, I knew it was a Howard, but put Thomas instead, keep on with the quizzes Claire.

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