#FridayFun – Catherine Howard Quiz Part 1

As today is the anniversary of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard setting off on their royal progress to the north of England in 1541, I thought I’d test your knowledge of Catherine with this Catherine Howard quiz.

I do hope you enjoy it.

By the way, you can click here to find out more about Henry and Catherine’s 1541 royal progress.


#1. Who was Catherine Howard's father?

#2. Who was Catherine Howard's mother?

Her mother was Jocasta, or Joyce, Culpeper.

#3. Catherine's cousin, Anne Boleyn, helped Catherine's father get this office.

He was made Comptroller of Calais in 1531.

#4. Catherine was sent to the household of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, but what relation was she to Catherine?

Agnes Howard (née Tilney) was her step-grandmother.

#5. Catherine had a relationship with Henry Manox while under the dowager duchess's care - what position did he hold in the household?

#6. True or false: Catherine had a sexual relationship with Francis Dereham during her time in the dowager duchess's household?

#7. True or false: Catherine was appointed to serve Anne of Cleves as a maid of honour?

#8. At which royal palace did Henry VIII marry Catherine in July 1540?

#9. Who was executed on day that Henry VIII married Catherine?

#10. What was Catherine Howard's motto as queen?


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