Friday Round Up

Jack-o'-LanternIt’s crazy that it’s Friday again but it is so here’s a round up on what’s been going on this week at The Anne Boleyn Files.

  • Sir Francis Weston – I continue my look into the lives of the five men executed for adultery with Anne Boleyn with the first of a two part series on Sir Francis Weston.
  • Witchcraft – With Halloween tomorrow, I just had to research witchcraft in Tudor times. See the post below this one or click here to read it.
  • Book Reviews – Over at our Tudor Book Review site, I have reviewed “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” by Tudor historian David Loades and “The Virgin’s Daughters: In the Court of Elizabeth I” by Jeane Westin. They’re both great books. By the way, I’m happy to publish book reviews from you guys too  if you have read a Tudor themed book. Simply write a brief overview of the book, give your thoughts and opinion on it, give it a mark out of 5 and then email it to me at and I’ll publish it for you.
  • Halloween Competition – Just a reminder to get a photo of yourself and email it to if you are wearing one of our products for Halloween. Every entrant wins a discount coupon and the winner gets a coupon and a signed book. Click here for full details. Try a traditional Halloween game like apple bobbing at your Halloween party and bring a bit of history to the event. Apparently the world record for apple bobbing is 33 apples in one minute!
  • Interview with Dr Josephine Wilkinson – Click here to catch my interview with historian and author Dr Josephine Wilkinson.
  • Only 5 rooms left! – There are now only 5 rooms left for The Anne Boleyn Experience 2010. Book now to avoid disappointment. Those of us who are going are so excited about it and I’m going to make sure that it’s the trip of a lifetime.
  • Tudor Life – I am busy researching and writing about various aspects of Tudor life and this week I have written a page on Tudor birth control – very enlightening!
  • New Henry VIII podcasts – Just found some great Henry VIII podcasts over at The History Faculty – “Who was more important in directing foreign policy in the period 1515-1529; King Henry VIII or Wolsey?” and “How Far did Henry VIII Achieve his Aims: 1509 – 1514?”
  • Friday Fun – Test your history knowledge with the weekly BBC History Magazine Quiz.

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