The Events of 1533 – From Queen-in-waiting to Queen Consort

The crowned white falcon, Anne Boleyn's badge. c. The Anne Boleyn Files
The crowned white falcon, Anne Boleyn’s badge. © The Anne Boleyn Files

We’ve left the brutal events of May 1536 behind and now we’re counting down the events of 1533, to Anne Boleyn’s moment of triumph: her coronation.

I thought it would be good to highlight the main events of 1533 as a timeline…

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32 thoughts on “The Events of 1533 – From Queen-in-waiting to Queen Consort”
  1. I read that some date the marriage to right after Anne and Henry returned from
    Calais. I never heard it before and find it confusing. Does anyone think that is true
    Versus January? Thank you.

  2. yes, that is who I was referring to as a source quoted elsewhere. i was curious about people’s opinions. I wonder at them waiting until Anne was pregnant to marry…

    Isn’t Hall the one other historian’s quote as Anne wearing a yellow dress on Katherine’s funeral day?

    1. I wonder if they went through a betrothal ceremony on their return to England, which when consummated would have been as good as marriage anyway. I suspect some kind of promise must have been made for Henry and Anne to start sleeping together and risking pregnancy.

      Yes, that’s right. Hall’s chronicle is fascinating and you can read it at

      1. thanks for the link – – I do have a few free pdfs from googlebooks, but not that one.

        I think you may be right on the ceremony once they came back to England. But other people have suggested that Henry had cold feet about getting married and that the pregnancy was used to “bounce”him into doing it…and that the complaint he made later about being tricked into the marriage by”sortlleges” referred to being convinced by others the child would be a boy so he would get married.

        makes for interesting thought.

        1. Thank you! What we like about Rope is that they help people all around the world and 100% of the money people give goes to the projects. We’ve been involved with them before and they do so much good.

        2. it sounds great – I do hop all your readers give even a little for this wonderful cause.

          and I intend to buy some books to help support your site as I have enjoyed so many of the posts here – even if we dont all share the same opinion!! lol. Debate is what keeps history fresh and it is people like you who are challenging old ideas that make it relevant.


        3. Yes, I hope so too.

          Thank you, I do hope you enjoy them. I love debate and it’s always fun to meet people with differing opinions. I’m so glad you found the site and I really appreciate your input. What I love about running this site is the interaction.

  3. Hello! I’m new to the site and I’m enjoying the articles. I was wondering if you could explain what “cognita” means. I googled the word and the answer was that it means to be known. I’m not sure how that relates to the story.

    I must say that it is refreshing to read such civilized comments! You don’t see that very often. 🙂

    Thank you.

  4. Claire,

    I did notice that you edited and deleted posts in another thread, but you are leaving posts that are insulting to me. I am quoting Hall in one post and I have 2-3 posters attacking me as making things up. You know there is a source for what I said as you confirmed it elsewhere, and yet you did not say so – and allowed the ignorant insults to be there.

    I don’t really think that is actually appreciating debate, but more discouraging it. So while I do think you are wonderful for having a site and for doing charity, if you delete comments you don’t like then you aren’t actual in support of different ideas and commentary and then this becomes an year after year echo chamber. There is a reason Hilary Mantel delivered blockbusters – she used her brain to question the status quo and wrote an amazing book or two, plays and an upcoming series.

    feel free to delete this.:-)

    1. The only comments I delete are spam ones with links to Louis Vuitton handbags or viagra, I have not deleted any comments from real people and I’ve certainly never deleted any written by you. I don’t enjoy being accused of doing something I haven’t done, it’s not fair, and I don’t know what you’re referring to. It’s hard for me to keep an eye on every thread, as I have so many going on at the same time with tens, sometimes hundreds, of comments being written every day.

      I will reiterate, I never delete real comments. If they are attacking then I email the person concerned to ask them to calm down, if they contain offensive words then I edit them and write [edited] where I’ve removed the word, but I don’t delete because I believe in free speech and that everyone is entitled to an opinion, whatever it is. Please let me know which comments you’re referring to and please stop accusing me of things I haven’t done.

    2. I forgot to say, if people complain to me about attacking comments then I always look into them and warn those concerned, which insults are you talking about? I obviously want everyone to be happy using this site whatever their opinions, and I don’t police opinions. Lots of people disagree with me and I don’t mind at all, and this is certainly not an “echo chamber”. All comments are welcome apart from spam ones selling insurance, viagra and handbags.

    3. I’ve just spent some time going through the Spam comment box to make sure that no real comments have gone into that accidentally and out of the 19,000 that are presently in it, they are all spam ones. I can’t find any from you that are not showing on the site in threads. Sometimes comments take a few hours to show as I have partial moderation turned on and that holds some comments in “pending moderation” until I can moderate them. This usually happens when I’m in bed and a comment is long or has something that the filter thinks could be spam. I press “allow” as soon as I can.

  5. You have every right to monitor your board as you like. But I am uncomfortable
    with how I was targeted because I don’t adhere to the party line. You deleted me
    Because you didn’t like what I wrote but keep junk by Selena and Sofia who are
    childish. I don’t want to be in a board that encourages idiotic posting

    Your choice of course, but not one I can respect even as I respect you as a person.

    Good luck on your run!

    1. I did not and have never deleted you or anybody else on this website apart from spam comments selling handbags. I don’t encourage idiotic posting, I allow everyone to have their say. You accused someone of copying a comment the other day, then you said someone was mad then you accused me of deleting comments, so it’s not you that’s being targeted. To reiterate, I never delete comments unless they’re spam and I put [edited] if someone has used an offensive word in a comment and warn them about not using offensive words. I don’t police comments in the way you’re accusing me. What do you think was deleted?

    2. As I said, I’m always happy to get involved and to calm things down if someone feels attacked and I’m always here for people to contact, but I don’t know which comments you’re referring to as attacks on you. There are thousands of comments on the site and I just don’t see every single one.

      1. You say Selena and Sofia write junk and are childish…

        You suggest Bandit Queen has committed some sort of plagiarism, plus her posts are something to be dis-regarded because they are considered too long.

        Someone is accused of being mad, while others are considered intellectually dishonest, and ignorant.. all remarks from your posts..yet its YOU that feels attacked!! LOL….give us a break!!…..and to top it all you accuse Claire of being bias to those who agree with her, a liar who encourages idiotic postings…that’s really is Too far, Too rude, and totally unacceptable.

        AS it never occurred to you, considering that you claim to be so well read therefore intelligent, that any valid point you may have made has a high probability of being bypassed or weakened because of your churlish and flippant remarks. Great shame that, as you are obviously passionate about the subject, and your own worst enemy…

    3. My comments addressed to JudithRex were:

      Sofia: “JudithRex said “You just can’t ignore the above unless you are intellectually
      Dishonest” so she was calling people intellectually dishonest if they didn’t agree with her comments so it’s her saying that people shouldn’t disagree with her.”

      Sofia: “JudithRex, Weir is not a historian and her work is not properly referenced. If you want to know about Anne Boleyn then Eric Ives’s work is the stuff to read.”

      Why am I being called childish and my comments being called junk?

      1. I’m so sorry that you and Selina were dragged into this. I think the best thing to do is to just move on and discuss Anne and Tudor history. I’d agree with you about Weir and Ives. Weir’s books are well written but the referencing is awful, just “L&P” instead of the document number and volume which makes it hard to check references, and Ives was meticulous with his referencing and backing up his theories. Ives’ book on Anne is definitely the best book out there on her.

        1. Don’t worry about me, I’m not easily insulted, and it’s not your fault anyway. Just keep up this great website!

  6. What a busy year they had! Henry and Anne really wanted this to all be done correctly and with no doubts from the court, the inner sactum or the official church in England. But what did the ordinary people make of it all I wonder? They seem still to have been proclaiming, praying for and supporting Queen Katherine…..but then in 1534 came the legislation that would cause an end to all that and deal with all opposition with ruthlessness and efficiency. But again; what a year! Busy with the coronation, the wedding, the legal declarations, the preparations for a royal birth and for the dealing with the validity of the marriage. Quite a whirlwind! Great post and lots of links. Cheers!

    1. And I answered them. I reiterate, I have never deleted your comments or those of anyone else, and I do encourage discussion, debate and diverse opinions.

    1. I was commenting on the posters who continue to involve
      Themselves in conversations I am not having with them. I was not saying
      You didn’t reply, just that you aren’t the only one to do so.

      The fact remains that a series of my posts are gone from an
      Entire thread while a ridiculous one to me in REPLY to a missing one from me
      Remains. Your site must have more than moderator.

      Enough is enough. The posts are gone. The end.

      1. I am the only moderator and I have checked the spam box and there are no comments from you there and I have not deleted any comments from you or anyone else. What did the comments say and where did you post them?

        1. I’ve just done a search for your name in comments admin and these are the threads you have commented on:

          The trash box is empty as I haven’t deleted any comments. I expect you’ll find that your missing comments aren’t missing at all and are simply on a thread you’ve forgotten about. Again, I am the only moderator and I have NOT deleted any comments or threads. I have spent time searching the Spam box, checking the site and there’s nothing from you that has not been posted and made public.

  7. Claire I really love this site you’re doing a great job and you should have a like and dislike button for the comments section… And I think you have handled this situation remarkably well lol keep up the great work

  8. What on earth is up with Judith Rex? Is the woman paranoid? I suggest if she has personal issues with Clare then she keeps them that way and uses a different medium to air them – not this site, which is about Anne Regina not Judith Rex, whoever she may be.

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