Claire Ridgway chats about Anne Boleyn with James Boulton

Apr3,2017 #Claire Ridgway

James Boulton of Queens of England Podcast interviewed me a few weeks ago on my very favourite subject – yes, you guessed it! Anne Boleyn!

James has just published the podcast so here are the links for you to listen to it. I hope you enjoy it!

The link to the episode on James’s website: CHAT: Anne Boleyn with Claire Ridgway

You can also find it on iTunes.

A big thank you to James for inviting me to be interviewed, it was fun.

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6 thoughts on “Claire Ridgway chats about Anne Boleyn with James Boulton”
  1. Thank you for all things Anne Boleyn! What do you think about the psychological impact Henry VIII had on his daughters? First, neither had much value because they weren’t male. But being deprived (Elizabeth) or alienated (Mary) from their mother must have devastated them both. Certainly, the fact that Elizabeth never married is understandable since she didn’t have a strong and healthy paternal influence during her life. Mary’s false pregnancy can be understood because of the enormous pressure to have a male heir. If her mother had given her father a male heir he would not have divorced Catherine. The same with Anne Boleyn–if she had given Henry a male heir her body would not have been separated from her head! I think of how history would have been so different if only…Catherine or Anne had a male child! But Mary and Elizabeth must have suffered much psychological harm because of their father’s ill treatment. I like to believe that Anne figured out her mother was innocent, too. How horrible to know not only your father killed your mother–but had her falsely accused of treason to marry someone new.

  2. I would like to send Claire Ridgeway an email about the possible character and Temperament types of the Tudors, such as Elizabeth I as an INTP, and about the possibility of Henry VIII suffering from Chalmydia, a venerial disease that can cause damage to the reproductive organs, still births, miscarriages and infant deaths. I do not do Facebook or understand how to post. If I can send the message by email someone else is welcome to post for me. Plus I want to thank Claire for her erudite and sensitive work, her videos and her sincere enthusiasm for the fascinating Tudors.

  3. Dear Claire,
    If Henry VIII’s mother was queen Elizabeth, why is his daughter Elizabeth 1?

  4. Henry’s mother Elizabeth was a queen consort. Elizabeth I was a reigning queen in her own. right. Henry’s mother couldn’t and didn’t rule. His daughter did. That’s why she’s Elizabeth I

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