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Claire Ridgway and Gareth RussellI was going through all the photos that Tim and I took of our recent adventures in London and I found this funny one. Tim took this one of me and historian Gareth Russell as we walked around the White Tower of the Tower of London together. I haven’t got a clue what we were talking about and why I made that face, so I thought it would be fun to run a caption competition.

All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post giving your caption for the photo. There are no rules regarding how many words/characters the caption should be, but it should have some kind of history twist, with us being two history authors and we were at the Tower of London. Leave your comment before midnight on 12th October 2016. Gareth and I will pick a winning caption and the writer will win two books – a copy of Gareth’s A History of the English Monarchy from Boadicea to Elizabeth I and the winner’s choice of one of my books.

Here is a larger version of the photo so you can see the wonderful face that I’m pulling:

Claire Ridgway and Gareth Russell

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25 thoughts on “Caption competition”
  1. Gareth: “Well, here we are, Claire, in the Tower and last night you were in Spain! What would Henry make of that?!”

    Claire: “He wouldn’t believe it, Gareth.”

  2. Of course there have been ghosts sighted in the White Tower – perhaps ghosts of the young Princes Edward & Richard – but who knows?

  3. Claire – ‘I wonder how long it took Henry to get dressed in the morning’. Gareth – ‘Less time than it took you to pack your suitcase I should imagine’.

  4. Gareth: “All I’m saying is it is a nice suit of armor”
    Claire: “And all I’m saying is the armor did little to protect his head. He lost it long before his wive’s did”

  5. And these are the lost invisible diaries of Samuel Pepys – I bought them for £1000 but as you are my best friend, I will sell them to you for 500?

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