In this video, Melanie V. Taylor, art historian and author of the historical novel Truth of the Linediscusses Anne Boleyn portraiture and places where we can ‘see’ Anne Boleyn.

Head on over to to enter a giveaway for a copy of Melanie’s novel, which is set in the reign of Elizabeth I and has artist Nicholas Hilliard as its protagonist. It’s a wonderful story.

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One thought on “Where can we see Anne Boleyn? Video by Melanie V Taylor”
  1. Looking through the videa it was very interesting, but kept making a loud noise and then breaking down. I will try later on my laptop, this Kindle is out of control. I am off on holiday tomorrow, Steve and I have our first break together since he came out of hospital. We are off to Leicestershire for 12 days, but will be taking laptop so look forward to watching the video later. For now I am going to remember poor Anne in my heart. Thanks for your efforts in putting this day together. Good luck with rest of day.

    Dear Anne Boleyn rest in peace. Amen.

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