I’ve been busying updating our Anne Boleyn Books page as I wanted it to be the “go to” page for Anne Boleyn books. Thanks to my Facebook followers, I’ve put together a list of books, good and bad, fiction and non-fiction, old and new, which feature Anne Boleyn. I’ve even listed some 18th and 19th century works which can be read online. Here are the pages for you to explore:-

  • Fiction – A page listing all of the historical novels which feature Anne Boleyn, whether as the main character or as an incidental character.
  • Biographies – Biographies of Anne Boleyn
  • Non-fiction – Non-fiction books giving information on Anne, e.g. books on Henry VIII’s six wives
  • Other Anne Boleyn Books – Older books about Anne Boleyn including 18th and 19th century works and those available to read online.

I hope these pages are helpful to those of you doing projects about Anne or those who simply want to read more about her. Do also check out our special Anne Boleyn Files Amazon US and Amazon UK shops.

Primary Sources

For those of you who are new to the site, we also have a page on Primary Sources which gives links to those contemporary sources which can be read online, e.g. Letters and Papers, Hall’s Chronicle, The Spanish Chronicle etc. These sources are must-haves for those fo you doing projects on Anne Boleyn or Tudor history. There is also a Primary Source page over at The Elizabeth Files for documents from Elizabeth I’s reign.

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6 thoughts on “Books About Anne Boleyn”
  1. I’ve been looking for an awesome check list as I seem to find many books by the same author with similar titles. Thank you!

  2. I’m currently reading “The lady in the tower” by Alison Weir.

    Before that I read “Anne Boleyn” by Joanna Denny who was rather sympathetic on her view that Alison who writesof a sixth fingernail (I must say in this I am rather with Joanna and a more sympathetic view! )

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