B Necklace Giveaway Winner

Dec17,2012 #competition #giveaway

Congratulations to Kerry Lamond who has won the Anne Boleyn B necklace offered by author Sandra Byrd in our recent scavenger hunt.

Here are the answers to the questions:

  1. How many portraits are on the wall in the Tudor Hall on Sandra Byrd’s website?
    – 15
  2. How many pictures of the Tower of London are there under the Castles and Palaces page of Sandra’s website?
    – 9 (we also accepted the answer 2 as there were two pictures of the outside of the Tower)
  3. Who are the three Tudor queens whose stories are told in the three Ladies in Waiting Series by Sandra Byrd?
    – Anne Boleyn, Kateryn Parr and Elizabeth I.
  4. What Christmas treat was behind the door of No. 2 on the 2012 Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar?
    A mince pie
  5. What is the quotation by Samuel Butler from the Quotes page on The Anne Boleyn Files?
    – “Though God cannot alter the past, historians can.”
  6. How many videos has Claire uploaded on to The Anne Boleyn Files YouTube Channel?
    – 11

Thank you to all those who entered.

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