I do believe that Anne’s death did make an impact on history. Anne was falsely accused of treason & incest, as some say, & put to death. She was unable to give King Henry VIII the son and heir he wished for. But just imagine, what if Anne Boleyn did give Henry a son? Where would she be now?

I believe that if Anne was able to produce a son, she might’ve still been alive many years later. Everyone knows that Anne gave Henry VIII a daughter, Elizabeth, but what if Elizabeth was a Henry or Edward? If Anne had a son, she would’ve been safe. Yes Henry still may’ve taken mistresses in the course of their marriage, yet Anne had fulfilled her duty as a wife and Queen.

Most believe her marriage to Henry as “null & void.” Even if it were would it have made any difference? Anne Boleyn’s death on May 19th 1536 at 8, o’clock in the morning not only impacted history, but also the lives of her friends & family.

Pretend you’re a friend of Anne’s & you’re there at her execution. How do things feel? How do they look? I’m sure that history itself is changed by both Henry’s reign and Anne Boleyn’s death. But what will it all add up to? Anne’s death, Henry’s reign, Elizabeth? The longed for son?

If Anne Boleyn had a son & secured her place on the throne, would she be lying beneath an altar pavement today? Would she have still been charged with false accusations? No one knows.

Did Anne Boleyn’s life impact history?

Perhaps. Many believe that in Anne’s life she had affairs & had lost her virginity before King Henry VIII had a chance to bed her. Throughout Anne’s life she made a reputation for herself. Most believed her to be, even when she was crowned Queen of England, a wh*re. Assassination attempts were a big challenge.

Anne was the complete opposite for most of the women back then. Instead of the innocent, blonde hair, blue eyes & petite image many ladies were back then Anne had dark hair, dark eyes & olive toned skin. She was also rumoured to have moles over her body and a sixth finger on one of her hands that she took great pain in concealing with the French fashion of long, flowing sleeves. An imperial ambassador was said to say, “ She is not the handsomest woman, merely pretty.” Though many men would object.

Anne Boleyn was able to have a hold on the men who feel in love with her. Her dark looks also helped with her seductive, flirty personality. Anne was quick with her words & easily had a flirtatious retort to any man who decided to speak with her. But like everyone but in the Tudor times, Anne Boleyn also had an sharp temper, ready to explode at something she did not agree with or like. For example, Henry VIII’s annulment to Catherine of Aragon took many years, & Anne, who was growing impatient with the delay, had bad days. Lashing out at whoever crossed her path & made her mad.

Anne’s life has surely made an impact on history. She was born a commoner to Sir Thomas Boleyn & Lady Elizabeth Boleyn, & by the King’s infatuation with her, raised up in status to be a Queen.

Anne Boleyn is truly an influential character in history. She turned Catholic England into Protestant England. Though she was torn down from her throne, destroyed by her enemies & decapitated by a French executioner on the scaffold, the protestation religion lived on.

So, did Anne Boleyn’s life & death impact history? Yes. Queen Anne Boleyn’s life & death has made an impact on history. A big one.

By Savarnah Wilkie, aged 12.


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