Anne Boleyn the Woman behind the Myths – Live 13-15 December 2021

Three days of free live talks from me, historian Claire Ridgway, to introduce you to the real Anne Boleyn and to deepen your knowledge of this fascinating Tudor woman.

DATE: 13, 14 and 15 December 2021
PLACE: Live on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously

Are you hungry to know more about Anne Boleyn and would love to learn from an Anne Boleyn expert?

There are so many myths that surround Anne Boleyn, so much misinformation in books, series and on social media, but it is possible to peel back those layers and get to know the real Anne Boleyn of history. AND, she’s even more interesting than the fictional Anne!

That’s why I’m hosting this free series of talks on Anne Boleyn specifically for people who are interested in learning more about the real Anne and banishing those myths.

  • Find out what Anne Boleyn really looked like
  • Discover the truth behind the ideas that Anne Boleyn was either a helpless pawn or an over-reaching ambitious woman intent on being Queen of England
  • And uncover the truth behind the many myths that are still so prevalent today in fiction (even some non-fiction) and on social media

Who is this event for?

  • You, if you’re confused by the differing depictions of Anne Boleyn
  • You, if you want to know about the real Anne Boleyn
  • You, if you’ve binge-watched every Anne Boleyn series, movie and documentary, and read tons of books and are still hungry for information!

Day 1 – What did Anne Boleyn look like?

In this live talk, I’ll piece together evidence we have from images and contemporary descriptions to reveal what Anne Boleyn really looked like.

Day 2 – Anne Boleyn: Pawn or predator

In this live talk, I’ll banish the idea that the Boleyns were overly ambitious, that Anne and her sister Mary Boleyn were pawns pushed into the king’s bed, and that Anne set her sights on being the queen at any cost.

Day 3 – Anne Boleyn Myths

In this live talk, I’ll talk about some of the myths that surround Anne Boleyn and challenge them with contemporary evidence. Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers? Was she charged with witchcraft? Did she change her name from Bullen to Boleyn? Where is her real resting place? And many more…

13, 14 and 15 December and is completely FREE

Each live talk will take place on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously and there will be a Q&A session at the end of each one.

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