Anne Boleyn Experience Tour 2018 – Book Now!

Many of you will remember that from 2010-2012 I was involved in offering Tudor history tours and I know that many of you were disappointed when they came to an end.

Well, there’s good news!

My dear friend Philippa Lacey Brewell’s company British History Tours has just launched the Anne Boleyn Experience Tour in association with the Tudor Society! I’m so excited about this as Philippa and I are leading it and we’re staying at Hever Castle, one of my favourite places in the whole world! It’s Anne Boleyn focused and we’re visiting the Tower of London on 19th May!

The tour is from 16th-20th May 2018 and we’ll be based at Hever Castle, with days spent exploring the castle, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. Our three speakers are historian and author Gareth Russell, historian and re-enactor Bess Chilver (she will be bringing some of her beautiful Tudor costumes!) and me, Claire Ridgway.

I’ve stayed at Hever a few times, and it is an amazing experience. I found myself touching walls wondering if the Boleyns touched that spot! The gardens are beautiful too, I remember that we lost one tour participant in them as she just didn’t want to leave them!

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won’t! You can find out more information, along with details on how to book, on Philippa’s website at There is an early-bird discount if you book and pay a deposit before 22nd September too!

Here’s a short promo video on the tour. I hope you can come!

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3 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Experience Tour 2018 – Book Now!”
  1. What a wonderful experience this would be, the sights, the historians and staying in Hever Castle….will keep buying the lottery tickets

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