A Tudor Feast at Christmas

Posted By on December 7, 2012

Thanks so much to Anne Boleyn Files visitor Dawn for letting me know that the documentary “A Tudor Feast at Christmas” is being repeated on the Good Food Channel  (UK SKY 247 or Virgin 260) on Sunday at 1pm and then at various times during the week. See Good Food Channel for listing details.

The documentary was made in 2006 and features historians and archaeologists Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn from The Victorian Farm, The Edwardian Farm and The Wartime Farm series. The Good Food Channel describe the documentary as “Without the use of modern conveniences, a group of historians and archaeologists prepare a Tudor feast just as it would have been over 400 years ago.”

If you can’t watch it on Sunday, it is on YouTube in four parts – click here – and here is the first part:

If you enjoy this documentary the you may like the “Tales from the Green Valley” DVD. It is a 12 part documentary series also featuring Ruth, Alex and Peter, along with other historians and archaeologists, and it looks at what it was like to run a farm in the reign of King James I. We’ve watched it over and over, it’s brilliant. It is available at Amazon UK – click here – as a Region 2 (European DVD), so will only play on multi-region or region-free DVD players.

8 thoughts on “A Tudor Feast at Christmas”

  1. Dawn 1st says:

    I have Tales from the Green Valley DVD too, and you are right it gives a real indepth look into living life off the land in the 1600’s. Ruth, Alex and Peter are so enthusiastic, it is so realistic and educational. I would recommend it to all history lovers.

    1. jena Wilcox-Gonzalez says:

      I SO enjoyed that documentory! I’m from Reno NV, USA , and we just don’t get these wonderful shows like this. Could you tell me what Tales from the Green Valley is, and where I can get it? And also, where can I watch shows on Anne here in America from the BBC? Thanks for your help!

      1. Dawn 1st says:

        Hi Jenna’

        It is a the same historians that are mentioned above, who take on the challenge of running a farm like it was done in 1620 for a full year. It is in six episodes, each one a hour long, I got my copy on DVD off of ebay. It is really,really good. It was their first series, (I think) I feel this series tends to get forgotten about and over shadowed by the others, Victorian Farm etc., but if you love social history, I am sure you will enjoy Tales from the Green Valley.

  2. Anyanka says:

    Thanks for the link. I saw the show last Christmas on one of the Canadian channels, Knowledge, I think.

    I have the Victorian Farm and Victorian Pharmacy taped so I can watch them whenever I want.

    And the Wartime Kitchen..must keep an eye out for that one since my grand-father was a small-holder in WWII.

  3. Sammie says:

    Thank you for that link I’m from St. louis MO, USA and without the link I couldn’t watch it, it was very interesting and really gives you a good look into what really went into cooking alone! I’m obsessed with the Tudor period and this website always gives me good reads to further understand the period and what all “really” happened. Love love love any suggestion for more shows like this?

  4. HollyDolly says:

    So glad I found this link for the documentery.We don’t have the Good Food Channel here in America, so am glad it is on YouTube.I cannot imagine what it would have been like to prepare food for the average family in Tudor times much less have to prepare a feast for the King or even some of the great nobles in their homes.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Thanks so much for making this program available for those of us in the USA! Would never have heard of or seen A Tudor Feast at Christmas if not for The Anne Boleyn Files!
    Thanks again!!

  6. Libby Clark says:

    If you ever go to Hampton Court, take the Tudor Kitchen Tour. Do not self guide 1st. It is fascinating.

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