8 days to go and 24 hours for a gift

It’s just 8 days now until my online event “Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen” starts! Not long at all!

And there are just 24 hours to grab hold of an advance digital copy of my forthcoming book “On This Day in Tudor History II”. That’s my way of thanking you for registering for my event, which I’m hugely excited about.

As you know, I was rather disappointed in the Starz series, “Becoming Elizabeth”. I just don’t feel that Elizabeth did “become” and that the focus was far too much on the Thomas Seymour scandal. I don’t believe it showed what shaped Elizabeth in her youth, what made her the woman and queen she became – and what a queen!

It’s made me determined to ensure that my online event “Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen” does Elizabeth I justice. I want to cover as many aspects of Elizabeth, her life and reign as I can, and we do have a jam-packed schedule.

The event will bring together historians and Tudor history lovers from all over the world who are united by their interest in Elizabeth I. During our ten days together, we’ll enjoy Dr Elizabeth Norton speaking to us about the Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour scandal, Dr Tracy Borman exploring the fascinating relationships that Elizabeth I had with the women who influenced her most, Dr Owen Emmerson looking at Elizabeth’s Boleyn roots and Boleyn connections, Dr Elizabeth Goldring telling us the thrilling story of Elizabeth’s relationship with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Dr Estelle Paranque talking to us about Elizabeth’s relationship with France, Dr Linda Porter examining the lives and rivalry of the two queens in one isle, Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots, Christine Hartweg on the scandalous death of Amy Robsart, and I’ll be talking about Elizabeth’s early life, her time as a prisoner in the Tower of London, the men she trusted, the good and bad of her reign, and the myths that surround her.

Each historian will also be doing a live Q&A session with us so that we can ask our burning questions and talk Tudor.

Registration is still open and as well as all the talks, Q&A sessions, and zoom calls, participants will also get a souvenir event e-book, which will contain transcripts of all the talks, a recommended reading list plus primary sources list, and, if you sign up before the end of 31st August, you’ll be able to download a digital copy of “On This Day in Tudor History II”! Everything is recorded too so you can access talks in the future or catch up if you miss any.

Do consider joining me in this Elizabeth I fest! It’s the perfect way to celebrate this queen’s life and reign, AND learn about the history behind popular series like Becoming Elizabeth, and the Cate Blanchett movies.

Register right now to enjoy Christine’s talk on Amy Robsart immediately and to join in a zoom call this Friday (2 September) discussing Elizabeth.

You can see the full schedule and register at https://claireridgway.com/events/elizabeth-i-the-life-of-gloriana-the-virgin-queen-online-event-7-16-september-2022/

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